17 Easy Magic Spells For Beginners

New to witchcraft? Try one of these free, easy magical spells for beginners.

Magic and spell casting don’t have to be complicated.  Whether you’re a beginning witch or you just want to throw together a spell on short notice, we’ve got a list of simple, elegant, easy spell crafting ideas anyone can do.

Fresh out of frog tongues & hair of black wolf?  No worries.  These ideas use items you probably already have at home or can purchase easily.

(And if you’re interested in a full-length introduction to witchcraft, check out Moody Moon’s School of Metaphysical Arts online crash course in spell crafting, Witchcraft 101:  Discover the Magic in You).

Simple Love Spells

Looking to draw a little love into your life?  Try one of these easy love spells to make the most of your romance.

Attraction Candle Spell

Easy magic spell for love and attraction.

I love this spell because literally, anyone can do it.

This simple love spell uses classic love spell ingredients.  Roses, a white candle, and some vanilla essential oil are all you need!

Love Spell Tea

Handmade teas are simple and they make a great base for any spell.  Use your tea cup as you would a cauldron.

Warm, comforting, and distinctly feminine, this love spell tea offers optional ingredients to customize your drinkable potion.

Romance Tarot Spell

Got a tarot deck?  You’ve got magic!  

While most people think of tarot decks as divination tools.  They’re definitely great for that.

But they’re also a great base for spell casting.

Try this simple attraction tarot spell.

Love Spell Cookies

The only thing better than an easy love spell is an edible one. 

Tie on an apron and try these love spell cookies for a unique twist on your favorite love spell ingredients, like vanilla, roses, and cinnamon.

Dream Spells

Dream spells are an ancient phenomenon.  The universal nature of dreaming connects us to the spirit world and, unconsciously, to one another.

Access the unique insight of your dreams with a spell that enhances and promotes unconscious prophecy.

Dream Salve

Make your bedtime routine a nightly indulgence with this easy recipe for dream salve.  Not only does it promote clear, powerful dreams, it also smells freakin’ amazing.

Dream Spell Jar

Easy, DIY dream jar spell to promote psychic dreaming.

Make the most of the dark moon with this dream spell jar.  Pro tip:  If you don’t have damiana, just sub some cinnamon stick!

Success & Money Spells

Success spells and money spells are among the most common requests in witchcraft.

But a truly balanced magical approach to financial wellness is about laying the groundwork spiritually for success more than it is about “making it rain.”

Ready to find a new job?  Get your business off the ground?  Make the most of what you already have?  Supercharge your efforts with a simple success spell.

Abundance Spell Cream

Easy magic spell for money & success.

Spritely and rejuvenating, this abundance spell cream combines refreshing peppermint essential oil with eucalyptus for an abundance spell with the sweet smell of success.

Abundance Moon Spell

Celebrate the Harvest Moon and make these easy, DIY abundance spell sachets.

Are you handy with a needle and thread?  

Put that pile of scratch fabric to good use with this easy abundance spell sachet.

Although this spell specifies the fall harvest moon for timing, you can easily do it during any waxing moon of the year.

Happiness Spells

Find the joy in your magic with one of these spells for jubilation.

Happiness Spell Cream

Spell creams are a great way to make magic that is easy to store and apply on the go when you need it most.  Feeling a little blah?  Bring the bounce back into your step with this happiness spell cream.

Sun Spell for Depression

Sun spell to banish depression.

Suffering from sadness?  Don’t forget to attend to the spiritual side of your mood wellness care.  Try this sun spell to banish depression.

Weight Loss Spell

Making your own spell candles.

Trying to drop a few pounds and get healthier?  Support your efforts magically with this simple candle spell for weight loss.

Banishing Spells

Tell the negativity in your life to get a move on.

Banish a toxic friendship.

9 Witchy Ways to Let Go of Toxic Friendships

Most of the time, eliminating negative people in your life is about walking away with confidence.

But that’s easier said than done!

Align your spirit with your common sense and try this spell to banish a toxic friendship.

Banish a bad habit.

Whether you want to quit smoking or just quit watching too much Netflix on the weekends, a spell to banish bad habits is a great way to get started down a more positive path.

Banish gossip.

Banish drama from your life using one of these easy spell methods to cast out theatrics.

From time to time, we all get caught up in gossip.  It’s extremely toxic, but it’s also just human.  Whether you wagged your tongue when you shouldn’t have, or you find yourself the subject of it, try this spell to banish drama.

Other Random Spells

Not sure what you want to work on in your spellcraft?  Try one of these other random ideas to flower your creativity.

Customizable Spell Jars

Witch bottles: The Art of Magic in a Jar

Spell jars are a staple of modern witchcraft.  And for good reason.  They’re easy and accessible and you can pretty much customize them any way you want to.

Amethyst Wishing Well Cocktail Spell

Gemstone inspired cocktail recipe with homemade rock candy made to look like amethyst.

Full disclosure:  Handmade, creative cocktails are legit my very favorite base for a potion.

This amethyst wishing well cocktail potion is a little more intermediate than beginner, but the results are so worth it.  Makes a great drink to serve for cakes and ale at your next coven meeting.

(And if you want to go from beginner to pro in potion making, check out Moody Moon’s School of Metaphysical Art’s online course, Potion Making for Spells & Magic).

Purple Fairy Spell Cream

This purple fairy spell cream is the ultimate indulgence in witchy self care.

Interested in working with the spirits of the woodlands? Developing a relationship with the world beyond is the foundation of powerful magic and spell casting.

Try this purple fairy spell cream to connect with the unseen natural world of the forest.

Interested in trying magic, but fresh out of bat wings and hair of black wolf? Try one of these easy magic spells for beginners. No weird ingredients or crazy Latin chance necessary.

A collection of free, easy magic spells for beginners.

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