Weight Loss Spell Candle DIY

How to make your own weight loss spell candles for magical intent.

Interested in casting a weight loss spell to support your healthy weight loss goals this year?

This easy, witchy craft incorporates elements that correspond to weight loss, self-control and self-love.

All the components in this craft can be found in your cabinet or at the dollar store!

Check out the simple, straightforward instructions below to get started.

Weight loss spell candle diy.

Making your own spell candles.

Easy spell candle diy.

Weight Loss Spell:  Using Magic to Reach Your Goals

Many people who have lost 10, 20, 30 pounds, or more will quickly tell you that weight loss isn’t a physical challenge, but a mental challenge.

I’d take this one step further and say that weight loss is, in fact, a spiritual challenge.

The practice of abstaining from pleasure, and especially fasting, for spiritual insight is a nearly universal component of every major religion in the world.

Rather than viewing weight loss as a matter of physical appearance, think of weight loss as a means to shed stored negative energy and undergo a spiritual transformation that is actually visible in the physical realm.

Meaning of the Ingredients

Each of the ingredients included in this spell emanates an energy that supports weight-loss intentions.


Ginger suppresses appetite and helps to “heat up” your resolve.  This spice also inspires confidence to achieve your goals and strengthens spell intentions.


This spice promotes willpower and protects you from self-doubt—-a definite hindrance to successful weight loss!


Coffee renews energy, suppresses appetite, and inspires creativity.  The creative energy coffee provides in this spell not only lifts you out of the hunger state, but fuels constructive distractions that help to minimize the discomfort associated with weight loss.

Things You Will Need

-unscented (black or white) tea candles

-1 unscented stick candle

-ground ginger


-(affiliate link —->) coffee essential oil

Step 1

Sprinkle a pinch of ground ginger on top of the tea candles.

Place 3-5 peppercorns on top of the tea candles.

Step 2

Light the unscented stick candle.  “Seal in” the peppercorns and ground ginger by allowing several drops of melted wax to drip from the stick candle onto the tea candles.

DIY Spell Candle Tutorial.

Step 3

While the hot wax from the stick candle is still in liquid form, add a few drops of coffee essential oil to the spell candles.  Allow candles to cool completely.

Step 4

For the first five nights of the waning moon, burn the candles and meditate on the thought of your body growing smaller and taking joy in the heightened mental clarity that comes during the weight loss process.

Repeat monthly as necessary until you’ve achieved your ideal weight range.

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  1. in the ingredients and step one you mention cinnamon but i think it is supposed to be ground ginger since that is what you mention elsewhere

  2. Hello,
    I’m interested to try the spell candle, and I see that you have ginger listed as an ingredient above, but cinnamon below.
    Is one preferred over the other? Should it be ground ginger or pieces?

    1. Sorry, guys! It was meant to be ginger. Thanks for pointing out this typo.

      You can use ginger pieces as opposed to ground, just make sure you allow it to dry completely, or the candle won’t burn well.

  3. For the burning of the candles, do you repeat the process for five nights with new candles each time? Or, do you use the same candles and only burn them when you meditate?

    Looking forward to doing this. Hopefully my oil will arrive in time!

  4. How come on the waning moon? and what were the intentions behind choosing each of the ingredients? (Baby witch trying to learn all I can) ~ Emma

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