Spell to Break a Bad Habit (Banish)

Trying to quit smoking?  Need to cut back on carbs?  Try this spell to break a bad habit and bury your obsession for good. 

We all come to the realization that certain repetitive behaviors no longer serve us. 

They usually start out innocently enough.  

But over time, they take over parts of our lives that we never invited them into.

The longer you wait to break the cycle, the more firmly entrenched it becomes.

By the time you understand how destructive your bad habit is, the task of eliminating it seems insurmountable.  

Get a little help with this spell to dig your way out.

spell to break a bad habit

Spell to kill a bad habit.


Tools for This Spell

-1 box.  I used (affiliate link—->) this wooden coffin.  Who knew a coffin could be cute?


-I clove garlic

-2 sprigs rosemary

-handful of graveyard dirt

-1 symbol of your bad habit (a single cigarette, for example)

-a roll of pennies


Step 1

Recognize that just like quitting a negative pattern, this spell to break a bad habit takes commitment.  It can be tedious, but it is powerful.

Start by making certain you feel ready to let go of your bad habit.

Take some time to concentrate on building a strong desire to quit.

Write down a list of reasons you want to stop.  Place it somewhere easily accessible at all times (in your purse, wallet or car, for example).

If you want, feel free to decorate your box or otherwise impart your intent on it.

On the night of the full moon, leave your box in the moonlight to charge it. 

The next morning, place it on your altar or in a sacred space.

Step 2

Over the next two weeks, you don’t need to break your bad habit completely.

However, every time you think about your bad habit, drop a penny in your box.  If you’re home, take the time to actually walk over to your box and drop it in.  

If not, save your penny (or pennies) until you get home, then promptly drop them in the box.

Expect that in the beginning, you may end up doing this a lot.

But towards the end of the two weeks, it drops off considerably.

Now you’re getting somewhere.

Step 3

On the first night of the waning moon, add the rosemary and garlic clove to your box.

Finally, take the symbol of your bad habit into your hands.  Whatever represents your bad habit to you works as a symbol.  Maybe it’s a candy wrapper, or a lighter.  

Or, be really creative.  Try a dollhouse size easy chair to banish laziness or a sedentary lifestyle.

Whatever you use, take a moment to mourn it.  After all, this habit likely spent some time in your daily life, and brought you some kind of pleasure.

Once you finish, place it in your box.

Then, close the box.  

For extra protection, consider gluing or nailing it shut.

Step 4

Bring your box and your graveyard dirt to a place away from your property.

Anywhere, really. 

But if you like to choose meaningful locations for your spell work, consider a place near a moving body of water.

Then, dig a small hole.

Place the box inside the hole, then sprinkle it with graveyard dirt on top.

Finally, cover the box with the dirt you dug out of the hole.

Walk away and don’t look back.









  1. I love that this spell combines practical everyday actions with witchcraft. Quitting something takes a considerable amount of work and no spell is going to fix it overnight; you have to put in the work too. The act of having to drop in pennies is eye-opening and forces you to confront those bad habits head-on. Excellent spell!

  2. I’m kinda surprised that you don’t need an actual spell you just need to put a few herbs and dirt in a box to help you quit something. Great work.

    Suggestion: if it is possible is there a self-transformation spell?

    1. hey kathrine,

      just because a spell doesn’t involve an incantation or spoken word doesn’t make it any less of a spell. Putting the pennies in the box over time, connecting with those herbs and their purpose, visualizing how beautiful your life is without those bad habits holding you back – THESE things are the spell. Spells can be anything to written incantations and elaborate candle spells to complete silence and thought.

  3. I love this spell!
    It completely resonates with me and gave me chills.
    Thank you so much for sharing❤
    There are many banishing spells floating around, but this just feels right.
    Blessed be

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