DIY Dream Spell Jar for the Dark Moon

Easy, DIY dream jar spell to promote psychic dreaming.

Inspire a deeper, more vivid, and insightful dream life with this clever little DIY dream spell jar.

Tonight, the waning moon descends into the black abyss of the sky. 

The disappearance of its dark silhouette signals a time of introspection, reflection and deep dream work.   

With just a few simple, natural herbs and a glass jar, take some time to try this one and indulge your inner priestess.

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Stuff You Will Need

This spell only requires a few basic ingredients.  If you’ve already developed a steady herbalism practice, you likely already keep many of them in your cabinet.  But for your convenience, I included links to the herbs on Amazon.

A small glass jar with a top

Any glass jar works, but a smaller one fills more easily with herbs and slips more easily in small bedside drawers.

Choose one with a cork or other top.

Star Anise

During the dark moon, the stars sparkle brilliantly.  As the brightest light in the sky (the moon) darkens, the more subtle lights of the sky become easier to discern.  This interplay of light in the sky symbolizes the spirit’s tendency to notice the subtle messages of the universe when the noise of everyday life fades into night.  Add star anise to this spell jar to enhance your sensitivity to the secret messages awaiting for you in your dream.

Dried lavender.

A classic dream herb, dried lavender promotes calm, peace and relaxation.  Include it in this spell for its clarifying effect on dreams, and to dispel negative thoughts during your dream experiences.


Sometimes brewed into a dream tea, damiana induces altered states of consciousness.  This makes it a perfect addition to dream spells or spells to promote psychic awareness.


These deep, purple-red roses symbolize the shadowy beauty of the dark moon.  Their deep, rich color intensifies dreams and brings richer, more vivid insight.


The sweet, fresh scent of mint sharpens mental clarity, focus and awareness.  Add it to your dream jar to aid in the interpretation of dream symbols and signs.

How to Put it All Together

Find a quiet time during your day to put together your dream jar.

Make sure there is plenty of table or counter surface to work.

Use at least one method to clear the negative energy from your work space.

Layer the above ingredients in your jar one at a time.

Charge the jar any way you want.  Try surrounding it with crystals, leaving it in the starlight or chanting a simple incantation.

Optionally, consider decorating your jar with charms, purple or navy blue ribbons, or other symbols of the dark moon.

Placement and Using Your Dream Jar

On the night of the dark moon, place your dream jar somewhere near your bed.

Try placing it under the bed directly beneath where you head rests.

After you wake up the next morning, take the time to record your dreams in a blank book or your book of shadows.

If you struggle or the message isn’t clear, try pulling a one-card tarot spread.

Looking for something to do during the dark moon? Try this clever, DIY dream jar spell to inspire a more vivid, insightful, powerful dream life.


  1. It is currently the waning moon in Gemini. I’m making this tonight and putting in the moonlight tonight to charge until the dark moon. Thank you for sharing! I’m excited to try it ?

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