Aphrodite Tea Spell for Romance and Attraction

This spell combines the mysterious allure of cinnamon, the boldness of fresh, pink garden roses and the sweetness of local wildflower honey to invite the essence of the Greek love goddess, Aphrodite, into your life. 

Gather your clipping shears and a basket.  

Let’s make the metaphysical most of summer’s regal garden treasure.

Every year about this time, my backyard rose bush goes bonkers.  I do nothing to warrant this abundant, showy display.  The fact that it comes back year after year in a blaze of hot pink glory baffles me.  It seems almost enchanted by some clever witch.  🙂

I always clip it back, hang dry the clipped buds and save it for a little conjure later in the season.  But this time, I decide to use them fresh for a unique love and romance spell.

All of the key ingredients in this recipe are sacred to the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite——cinnamon, rose and honey.

Aphrodite cinnamon honey rose witchcraft magick tea spell for love, attraction and romance.

The philosopher and novelist, Apuleius, once described Aphrodite as “diffusing the scent of cinnamon, bedewing the air with balsam.”

For this single poetic line, I included two whole sticks of cinnamon to infuse the spell with the aromatic aura of Aphrodite’s divine essence.

A classic offering to Aphrodite, fresh roses feature prominantly in this delicious, drinkable potion.

Finally, in Greek mythology, honey pulsed with reputed supernatural powers, including immortality, and served as a key ingredient in ambrosia, the “food of the gods.”


For purposes of drawing romantic energy into your life, brew your Aphrodite during the waxing moon, on a Friday, or both.

Other appropriate timings include the night of an anniversary or before date night.

You Will Need

*fresh roses (be sure they are not sprayed with pesticide!)

*several addition handfuls of rose petals (to mark the circle.)

*cinnamon sticks


*tea cup

*hot water


*rose, vanilla or cinnamon incense

*pink or white candles

*”mood” music

Set the scene.

For me, spell casting requires some attention to atmosphere.  Clean the area where you intend to cast.  Consider lighting candles or incense in an appropriate scent and/or color.  Soft, relaxing music also raises the vibrations.

Gather your spell ingredients.  Boil the water and pour it into your tea cup.

Cast the circle.

Cast it any way you want to, but if you like creative suggestions, I find marking the circle with appropriate herbs and candles creates an especially “magical” mood.

Invite Aphrodite into your circle.

If you wish, invite the essence of Aphrodite into your circle.  Consider burning loose incense or vanilla oil in honor of the sacred feminine.

Brew your “potion.”

Think of your tea cup as a sacred cauldron.

Place the remaining roses and cinnamon sticks into the hot water of the tea cup.  Take a few moments to let the steam waft into your nose.  When a little color begins to appear in the water, drizzle in the honey and stir it six times clockwise.

Consider chanting over the tea or reciting a line of love poetry.


Take your time enjoying your tea!  Contemplate the meaning of love and romance in your life.

Close your eyes and imagine your heart opening like a rose bud.

Close the circle.

Again, any way you want to.  I like to walk the circle in reverse and then sweep up.

Dispose of your remaining ingredients.

Take the leftover roses and cinnamon sticks in your tea cup and bury them in the garden or the west side of the property.

Blessed be.

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