Witch Bottles: The Art of Spell Craft in a Jar

Witch bottles: The Art of Magic in a Jar

Witch bottles contain all the magic of a spell in one little jar.

This straightforward approach makes changing the energy in your life simple, customized and easy to get creative with.

I love witch bottles most for their literal transparency.  You look right into them and see the layers of your work every time.  

Almost any spell intention fits into this concept, so I encourage you to come up with your ideas and share them!

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Home blessing witch bottles promote peace, joy and harmony in the home.

Abundance spell jar with simple ingredients. This one is easy, anyone can do it!

Tips & Tricks

-Place the heaviest or densest item (like rock salt or crushed gemstones) at the bottom of the spell jar.  Medium weigh or finely ground items (such as dried, crushed lavender flower) go in the middle, and your lightest, fluffiest stuff (bird feathers, roughly chopped dry herbs,ect) go on top.

-Make sure all the items in your spell jar are completely dry.  Fresh herbs will quickly rot in a spell jar.  However, rules are made to be broken in spell craft, and you can get really creative by breaking this one!  For example, I used living ingredients in this sea witch spell jar, and it became its own microcosmic ecosystem on my altar. Pretty cool!

The Tranquil Home Spell

Tranquil Home Spell Jar

Dealing with a lot of drama at home?  New roommates, new love affair, kids arguing?

Try a spell jar for promoting peace and tranquility in the home.

What it’s for.

This jar specifically addresses disruptive energies that reek havoc on your home’s quietude and functionality.  Make one of these to sooth tempers, promote mutual compassion and create a more restful living space.

What to fill it with.

  Try any of following ingredients in this spell jar.

Rock salts ground and center negative energy, bringing everyone “back down to earth.”

Coffee grounds make an excellent sub for rock salt, as they act in a similar way to ground and center.

Lavender invites peace, calm and relaxation.

Rice promotes luck, prosperity and joy.

Rosemary protects the hearth and home from icky vibes.

Chamomile, like lavender, reduces high stress energy and soothes irritated emotions.

How to charge it.  

Try charging this spell jar by placing it in the center of a ring of pure, white candles.  Imagine it filling with love and light.  Extinguish the candles and use the same ones to recharge whenever it needs refreshing.

Where to put it.

Place this spell jar somewhere in the “hub” of the home—whether that’s the kitchen, the living room, or the front entryway.

Love and Attraction Witch Bottle

Aphrodite Love and Attraction Spell Jar

Single?  Is everything pretty blah on the romance front?  Try a romance and attraction love spell jar.

What it’s for.

With ingredients sacred to love, romance and the Greek goddess of allure, Aphrodite, this spell jar is designed to make you feel uber sexy, making you a magnet for passion and enchantment.

What to fill it with.

The following items pack a magical punch in any love spell.

Seashells are sacred to Aphrodite and the Element of Water, both of which rule love and emotional matters.

Roses emanate feminine mystique and sex appeal.  Add dried deep pink or red roses to your spell jar to awaken your inner dating diva.

Queen Anne’s Lace keeps things classy during romantic encounters.  Tend to stumble over your words or blurt out too much information?  It’s probably cuter than you think, but it doesn’t do much for your confidence.  Add a little dried Queen Anne’s lace into your spell jar to smooth out your game and come off elegant and poised. 

How to charge it.

Charge this witch bottle by sleeping with it under the bed for several nights during the waxing moon leading up to the full moon.

Where to put it.

Keep it in your bedroom or consider creating a love altar with other items that promote love and romance, like this amazing (affiliate link —–>) statue of Aphrodite.

Running into some bad luck lately in the prosperity department?  Assuming you’re doing your part from a mundane perspective, consider making an abundance spell jar to boost your fortunes. 

What it’s for.  

Make abundance witch bottles to foster success, cultivate prosperity and smooth out bumps in the road to financial success.

What to fill it with.

Perhaps the most common of all spell types, the options for your abundance witch bottle number in the thousands.  Here are just a few ideas:

Mint is a classic addition to money, luck and prosperity spells.  Even the word mint calls to mind a literal money-making factory.  Use dried mint from your garden or spice rack to promote overall money wellness.

Eucalyptus, with its many astringent-smelling leaves, encourages a life of plenty.  (Its fragrance also goes really well with mint!)

Pennies, especially copper pennies, symbolize shrewd financial awareness and a sense of respect for a well-earned dollar.

Allspice.  Once a prohibitively expensive item only for the very wealthy, allspice is a potent symbol of opulence, grandeur and luxury.  

-Malachite.  This bright, emerald green stone embodies the saying, “Show me the green.”  For these witch bottles, I used a whole malachite stone and crushed it with a meat cleaver.  Fun stuff.

How to charge it.

Place this jar under the waxing/full moon for several nights.

Where to put it.

Let this witch bottle live near your workspace or wherever you spend the most time making a living.  If you’re not employed right now, keep it near you while you job search.

I’d love to hear your spell jar ideas in the comments!  Blessed be.


  1. I’ve been wanting to make some! How big should the tubes be to match the sizing in the photo? 0.6×3.9 inches is what I have in my cart! Too small? Thanks again! And I will make that Lammas bread!

  2. When quarantine started, I made a sea witch jar spell– my first ever spell!– for staying calm in the midst of waves and storms. I used sea salt, lavender, shavings from a bit of driftwood, a shell, and a little scroll with a private reminder in it. It lives near my bed and computer, phone, etc.

    1. That’s awesome—great idea! I wish you could show me a photo. The imagination alone leads me to believe that it’s gorgeous!

      1. I really would love the size of the bottles you uses, to place coins inside all of my bottles has small mouths

  3. I love this idea and have been working on creating my own sleep spell jar to fight off insomnia and restless leg twitches. I have all the ingredients in mind but am stuck on the best way to charge it. Would love ideas from you or other commenters!

    I’ve also seen how people sometimes seal spell jars with wax and am curious about your thoughts on that. None of these jars look like they’re sealed with wax.

      1. You could maybe try sugar wax. It has a similar effect on sealing things and washes off easy because warm water dissolves the sugar. Just a thought though! Also, does the size of the bottle matter? I have some old wine bottles I would like to repurpose.

  4. Your spell jars are beautiful! I’m making a set of small spell jars for my friend to go with her wedding gift. Any suggestions for making spell jars when they are intended for other people?

    1. Do whatever feels intuitively correct. I personally would add a little bit of paper with the person’s name. Or make a sigil using their name to add into the jar. When making the spell keep them in mind and when you are charging the jar with your energy envision them receiving the jar and the magic within it coming true for them

    1. Do whatever feels intuitively correct. I personally would add a little bit of paper with the person’s name. Or make a sigil using their name to add into the jar. When making the spell keep them in mind and when you are charging the jar with your energy envision them receiving the jar and the magic within it coming true for them

  5. Hi, I want to make a bottle for health and calm for a loved one battling breast cancer. Do you have any suggestions for additives?

    1. i was wondering for the tranquil home jar ate the candles allowed to be scented? or do that need to be just white unscented.

  6. Hi! Thank you so much for this post, also your jar spells are incredibly beautiful. I am new to that kind of craft and was wondering if the ingredients had to be “layered” in the jar/bottle? or if they could be “mixed” homogeneously? Suggestions and advice from anybody reading this comment would be greatly appreciated 🙂

  7. Hi, I’m super interested in spell jars. Do you know of any good books with instructions etc on spell jars? This is the first website I’ve found with the information I need to actually make a spell jar. So Thankyou! Any advice would be greatly appreciated:)

    1. Hi Elle,

      I don’t know of any books that specifically address spell jar, but definitely encourage you to play around and experiment with your own ideas. This is a very customizable and personal artform. Make it yours!


  8. Could you maybe do one with basic materials around the house? I don’t have any crystals and I have no clue where to get chamomile, eucalyptus, or cinnamon bark.

    1. Hi there!

      Most of the ingredients you can purchase at the grocery store (if you’re in the United States, anyway). Chamomile usually comes in tea bags (just rip them open). Cinnamon bark is the whole cinnamon you see in stick form (they usually have it jarred). And you can sub rosemary for eucalyptus.

    1. strangely enough, currently i don’t have all these long tube thingies, but i know a way to make tablets out of wax that you can hang up or just leave in random places (i put nice smelling essential oils in them lol)
      and you could also put things on them

      do you think that that will work as well?

  9. We have a missing 12 yo beloved kitty that is now presumed dead (though I still pray to the Goddess for her return). I bought a small urn but have no cremains so I thought I might use it like a spell jar of some kind. Im just not sure what to use it for as it’s my fault she got out & I have a ton of guilt. I want honor her memory but still have hope she’ll return miraculously. Any thoughts what I might put in it?

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