Valentine’s Day Romance & Love Tarot Spell

Valentine's Love and Attraction Tarot Spread

It’s the season of love, and in its honor, today we share a simple Valentine’s Day tarot spell for drawing romance.

If you usually use your tarot deck as a divination tool, you may be surprised to learn that the symbolism and art in a tarot deck is also useful in spell work.

So if you find yourself single this Valentine’s Day, or you just want to enhance the vibes of a romantic meal for two, try this imaginative tarot spell for attracting romance & passion into your world.

Aphrodite Love & Attraction Tarot Spread

Tarot Spells: An Easy Ritual for Love and Attraction.

The lovers card is used in a love and attraction spell.

Using tarot cards as the basis for a love spell.

Aphrodite love and attraction tarot spell.

What’s the difference between a tarot spread and a tarot spell?

Generally, a tarot spread uses card formation/structure for divining insight into one’s life.  The seeker, or querent, chooses cards at random, usually from a full deck laid face-down on a flat surface.

In contrast, laying out cards for a tarot spell involves the deliberate selection of specific cards chosen for their particular meaning and symbolism.

For example, in this tarot spell, we chose the The Lovers as a the primary focal point for a love spell.

(We’ll get into the meaning of the additional supporting cards a little further down).


This spell was written for Valentine’s Day.

But you can also try it on the full or waxing moon, or use another day that symbolizes romance & attraction for you, like your wedding anniversary.

In general, love spells are timed for the evening hours, but early morning is also appropriate, especially when searching for new or renewed love.

Things you will need for this spell.

Aside from the tarot deck, the other elements of this spell are suggestions, but you certainly may come up with your own symbols of love, romance and attraction.

-Any standard tarot deck.  (I used the affiliate link —–> Art Nouveau Tarot)

-Dried Rose Petals

Symbol of the Element of Water/Emotion (seashells, sand, a jar of ocean water, whatever)

-White or red candles.

Step 1

On the evening of Valentine’s, sit in a quiet space. 

Cast a circle in any way you want.

Find the card of your birth sign.

Water Signs:  The Queen of Cups

Earth Signs:  The Queen of Pentacles

Air Signs:  The Queen of Swords

Fire Signs:  The Queen of Wands

Step 2

Find and remove The Lover’s Card and The Wheel of Fortune card from the deck. 

The Wheel of Fortune Card symbolizes your willingness and openness to your fate in love.

From left to right diagonally, place your birth sign card, then the Lover’s Card, then the Wheel of Fortune Card, like so:

Aphrodite Love & Attraction Tarot Spread

Step 3

Surround the cards with rose petals, candles and seashells (or other symbols of love/passion/emotion).

Sit in front of the altar and close your eyes.

Take a deep breath, and draw your attention to your heart center (the area at the center of your chest).

Visualize a warm red or pink light growing from that space.  Allow it to expand slowly until in encompasses the entire room.  Then, allow it to expand until grows out around your home.   Continue to visualize the light growing until it covers the entire world.  

Tell the universe in a conscious way that you intend to remain open to love and are ready to welcome more of it into your life, wherever in the world it comes from.

Extinguish the candles, close the circle and Blessed Be.


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