Dark Moon Dream Salve with Peppermint & Lavender

This creamy dream salve blends the luxurious, relaxing aroma of lavender essential oil with the potent mental clarifying properties of mint and chamomile for a magical night’s sleep.

You need only 4 key ingredients to take your nighttime ritual from mundane to magical.

Whip up a batch on the night of the dark moon for an extra potent potion to promote lucid dreaming, astral travel or a deeper experience on your nightly journey into the unconscious mind.

Easy DIY dream salve for powerful dreams and night visions.

Please note:  The information provided is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.  Use caution when applying essential oils to the skin.  For most people, essential oils are safe, but this may not be the case for you.

What is dream salve?

Dream salve is any ointment blended specifically to promote vividness, insight and higher consciousness in the dream state.

Many magical practitioners look to their dreams for guidance and communication with the spirit world.

Witches make and use dream salve as a potion to support this kind of dream work.

There is no standard recipe or one way to make dream salve.  However, I based the recipe below on traditional ingredients commonly included in a typical salve for dream work.

Creamy lavender and mint dream salve. A luxurious DIY treat for a good night's sleep!


Generally, the dark moon energy corresponds nicely to anything related to dreams.

The dark moon symbolizes the unconscious mind, mysteries and strange or incomprehensible realities.  (Which also makes it a great time to experiment with divination).

Making dream salve during this moon phase harnesses its power and energy.

Ingredient Correspondences

All the ingredients in the recipe below compliment dream work.  


Perhaps most commonly known for its relaxation properties, lavender also promotes deep sleep, tranquility and peaceful dreaming.

If you already use lavender for its other magical properties, you know its beautiful aroma eases the mind and quiets the soul.

All of these qualities lay the foundation for deeper and more profound dreaming.


This fresh, inspiring characteristics of peppermint induce mental clarity and sharpness.

Include it in your salve to inspire lucid dreams or help you remember your dreams when you wake up.

Chamomile (Optional)  

A mild alternative to more potent (and more risky) vision herbs, chamomile opens the 3rd Eye for clear unconscious “sight.”

It also silences disruptive thought patterns prior to falling asleep and smooths out dream narratives for a deeper understanding of their meaning or message.

Herbal mint and lavender dream lotion for lucid visions and nighttime meditation.


You will need:

(Please note:  This section contains affiliate links for your convenience).

-1 part beeswax

-4 parts coconut oil

-18 drops lavender essential oil

-12 drops peppermint essential oil

-optional:  21 drops chamomile essential oil

-salve tin or clean glass jar (a stubby one with a wide mouth works best) 

-small pot or double-boiler

Step 1

On the night of the dark moon, melt the beeswax over low heat in small pan.  

Do not leave unattended.   All the ingredients in this recipe are flammable, so stay close.

Once the beeswax is melted, add the coconut oil.  It should melt fairly quickly.

Step 2

Remove beeswax/ coconut oil from the stove.  Add in the essential oils and stir 9 times in a clockwise direction.

Carefully pour mixture into your salve tin or clean glass jar.

Step 3  (Optional Ideas)

You’re done.  You can use the salve after it cools off just the way it is.  But if you want to take your potion a step further, try any of the following ideas:

-While the salve is still in liquid form, drop an appropriate crystal or gemstone in the jar.  (Amethyst in particular, is associated with dream work).

-When the salve is almost (but not quite) cooled, try “garnishing” it with a piece of dried lavender flower or mint leaf.  It makes them really pretty if you plan to give them away as gifts.

DIY lavender and mint dream salve. An easy, sweet-smelling way to experiment with lucid dreams, astral projection and deep sleep visions.

-If it’s a nice night, leave your dream salve under the dark moon sky to absorb the energy of the dark moon.

-Wrap the jar in a purple cloth.  In color magic, purple is the color of dreams and prophecy.  

How to Use Your Dream Salve

Please note:  Avoid contact with broken skin, eyes, or membranes.  Essential oils are powerful and can irritate delicate skin.

For extra power, consider taking a ritual bath before use.

To enhance dreams, rub dream salve on your upper chest just before falling asleep.

As you drift off, inhale the aroma of the salve.  Experiment with different meditations.  For example, try to isolate each scent (peppermint, lavender and chamomile) or imagine inhaling a specific color as you breath it in.

The next morning, immediately upon waking, record your dreams in your Book of Shadows or dream journal.

Lavender and mint dream salve for deepening the unconscious experience.


  1. I am truly excited to make this! Still waiting on my last ingredient! One question, how much of the beeswax and coconut oil do you use. I know you said 1 part and 4 parts but how much exactly is that ?. I am so excited to make this for myself and my family.

    1. I don’t have a kitchen scale right now, so I honestly don’t know for sure, but I’m guessing it was about a tablespoon of beeswax to 4 tablespoons coconut oil. The ratios also depend on your preferences. Some people like a softer balm, some people like it firmer. The more coconut oil you use, the softer the salve will be. If you’re a little off, it’s not the end of the world. Even if you’re way off, it’ll still work. It’s pretty hard to totally mess this one up. 🙂

  2. Thank you for this amazing article. This has been a struggle of mine for so long. I am hoping that this will help me. I will gladly share your article with my community of 237K Instagram followers.

    1. As long as you replace it with another non-toxic wax, like soy wax. If you don’t, then yes, that would change the consistency dramatically. It would be really mushy and hard to work with.

  3. I’m a little confused about 1″ part” and 4 “parts” . I’ve been waiting a month to make this under the correct moon But now I’m confused. Instead of saying oz or cups it’s”parts “. So, Because my beeswax came in little blocks I will use 3 of them which will be 3 oz. Then I will use14 oz of
    Coconut oil bc that’s the whole container of coconut oil I purchased. I’m kind of sad that I don’t understand ” parts”. Can anyone put this into “ounces” so I might be able to try it again next month?
    Thank you Mindy

  4. Hello! Is there any particular reason for using coconut oil as opposed to any other kind of oil? I already have a supply of almond oil that I usually use with essential oil blends but don’t want to use that and get it wrong. Can’t wait to have a go! Many thanks

    1. It’s definitely fine to use whatever oil you have on hand. But you’ll need to harden it with some extra beeswax or shea if you want it to have the consistency of a salve.

  5. I am so happy to have found this site! The dream salve sounds awesome and looks beautiful. I am new to my craft , but are there other salves I could use to prevent nightmares? As I said I am new, but very devoted to the craft and very willing and excited to learn , Especially now that I have Moody Moons!!!! Thanks ever so much for sharing your knowledge!!

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