How to Banish Drama During the Dark Moon

Banish drama from your life using one of these easy spell methods to cast out theatrics.

Banish drama during the dark phase of the moon with one of these spell techniques to bring your life back into a state of peace and order.

We all know the power of drama to reek havoc on our lives. 

It comes in the form of gossiping friends, unexpected news and emotionally unstable family.

And let’s be honest.  Sometimes, we create it ourselves.

Send drama on its way fast with a little witchcraft.

How to Time Your Banishing Ritual

Typically, banishing rituals are done during the waning or dark moon.

As the moon shrinks, it creates the perfect magical environment to “shrink” things you want gone from your life.

Bonus?  The dark moon also makes a perfect time to work on dark moon divination

So, after you banish drama, consider following it up with a tarot reading or a scrying session to give yourself a little perspective.

Fire Banishing

Some form of fire banishing appears in spell books around the world.

This banish drama method is accessible and easy to customize to almost any situation.

Write down the name of the person at the center of the drama in your life. 

Or, alternatively, if it involves multiple people or toxic group dynamics, simply describe the situation in your own words.

On the first night of the waning moon, fold some dried banishing herbs (like rosemary or mugwort) into the paper.  Light it on fire and toss it into your fire-safe cauldron or bowl outside.

Visualize the drama “going up in smoke” as you watch fire vapors rise into the atmosphere.

Bath Banishment

Recognizing you are at the center of your own drama is the hallmark of a well-adjusted person.

The truth is, we all sometimes create drama, and we do it for any number of reasons.  Sometimes, we want to get the attention of the people in our lives.  Sometimes, we feel the need to “shake up” our situation when we feel stagnated.

Usually, it causes more problems than it solves.

But it happens.  

So, if you find that you generated some unnecessary upheaval in your life, just admit it.  It’s okay.  You’re human.  Recognizing that is the fastest way to move on and heal from any self-inflicted theatrics.  

Draw a hot bath.  In a cotton or muslin drawstring pouch, place a piece of (affiliate link —>) hematite or obsidian inside, along with a lemon peel.

Soak for at least 15-20 minutes, and visualize yourself taking on the quality of water and “flowing” around obstacles and circumstances, rather than fighting them.  Then, remain in the tub after you pull the plug or stopper and imagine your struggles flowing down the drain with the water.

Energy Clearing

Ritual cleansing is one of the oldest forms of magic.   Nearly every culture, religion and spiritual tradition in the world incorporates some form of energy clearing.

This approach works especially well if drama centers around a particular place. 

(For example, drama at home with roommates or family, or drama at work with your colleagues). 

Try one of these energy-clearing methods. 

Or, use whatever technique your tradition recommends.  Burn sage, sprinkle holy water or anoint the doors and windows with a sacred oil.

All of these are valid and effective.  

Bury It

Similar to fire banishing, burial banishing is an easy and common approach to ritual banishment.

Try this if you want to banish drama that is rooted in old conflicts or tired problems that never seem to go away.

On the night of the dark moon, go somewhere off your property in an area where you are not likely to return any time soon.  

Bring with you a piece of paper with a hand shovel, some graveyard dirt and a detailed description of the drama you want to banish.

Bury the piece of paper with the graveyard dirt.  Walk away and don’t look back.

Banishing Candles

Got some drama that just won’t go away?

Try a banishing candle.

Soak some raw garlic and whole peppercorns in olive oil for 2-3 days.

On the night of the waning or dark moon, carve the word “drama” into a black candle. 

(I know, black candles are hard to find, but you can [affiliate link —->get them on Amazon.  Or, even better, make your own).

Anoint the candle with the garlic/peppercorn banishing oil using a downward stroke. Allow the candle to burn down completely.

Blessed be.

How to banish drama from your life using ritual magic and witchcraft.

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