How to Use Essential Oils in Witchcraft

How to use essential oils in witchcraft, spells & magic.

Using essential oils in witchcraft, spells, and magic is a great way to bring the essence of an herb or spice into your spellcraft.

Nature-based witchcraft practitioners tend to bring the value of natural living into our homes, eliminating unnecessary synthetic chemical cleaners, beauty products, and pesticides from our living spaces, diets, etc.

So chances are, you’ve got some essential oils lying around—and maybe a lot of them.

Let’s talk about some simple ways to incorporate them into your magic.

Sourcing essential oils for magic.

With the essential oil industry gaining exponentially in popularity over the last few decades, awareness about the source and quality of essential oils also draws new, more careful scrutiny.

Be aware of where you source your oils.  

For example, news outlets like VICE and National Geographic recently uncovered extensive abuses in the frankincense market, from over-farming to blatant labor exploitation.  Audaciously, one of the companies in question dared to slap a “fair-trade” label on oils they sourced by extorting the local populations.

When sourcing essential oils for magic (or anything else, for that matter), be mindful of the oils you’re using & where they came from.

Generally, oils sourced from abundant natural botanicals (like mint) are less problematic than essential oils extracted from rarer, more precious resources.

Using essential oils in witchcraft & spells.

There are so many ways to incorporate essential oils in witchcraft.  

The following are some of the most common ways to use them.  But you’re really only limited by your imagination here!

#1  Spell jars.

Add a few drops of essential oil in a spell jar to raise the vibrations and tune the energy to your intention.

For example, a few drops of rose oil in a love spell jar, or some lavender essential oil in a dream spell jar, take your magic up a notch.

#2  Moon water.

Add some mugwort or cinnamon essential oil to your next batch of moon water to intensify the lunar energy and create a more potent concoction for your spell work.

#3  In ritual baths.

Add a few drops of essential oil to your ritual bath before spell work.  It’s especially effective to choose one that corresponds to your spell or intention (for example, mint for a money spell).

But be careful!  Some essential oils really irritate the skin, and I’m not just talking about allergic reactions.

Highly acidic oil (like lemon) really stings and cinnamon essential oil will literally burn you.

Go with milder botanicals for ritual baths and beauty products.  

#4  Potions.

Basically, all my potions have essential oils in them somewhere (with the exception of drinkable potions).

A few drops of any oil that correspond to the spell intention make a huge difference in the quality of the potion.

It doesn’t take much at all.

You can do this with water or oil-based potions, but I definitely use oil as a base for most of my potions.

#5  Magical cleaning products.

Using magic-based, homemade cleaning products is a great way to enchant your living space with positive, yummy vibes.

It’s easy to make them.  Try this one for an all-purpose natural magical cleaner.

Leave a bowl of water out overnight in the full moonlight.  Then, mix 1 part vinegar with 4 parts of your moon water.  Add a few drops of lemon, lemongrass, or orange essential oil.

Spray on surfaces and wipe them down to clean the grime—both the literal grime and the psychic yuck!

#6  Spell sachets & poppets.

I love, love making spell sachets and poppets by hand.

Usually, I just stuff them with dried herbs.

But if I really want to get my mojo on, I like to add a few drops of essential oil.

The key is not to get it on the fabric.  So, I make a little well with my finger in the herbs and put a few drops of essential oil in the well, then cover it back up.  That way, it’s absorbed by the herbs before it reaches the cloth.

If you've got a collection of essential oils just sitting on a shelf somewhere, bust those babies out and make some magic.

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