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Moody Moons is a strong, established influencer in the witchcraft and new age market.

We get 100,000-150,000 hits a month.

The brand has 1.4 million month views on Pinterest and over 30,000 followers across all branded social media platforms.

Contact if you’re interested in working with Moody Moons.

Please read the following post to determine which category best suits your needs.

Travel Posts and Destination Features

Moody Moons produces high-quality features for exceptional Airbnbs, hotels, and witchcraft/pagan related events.  Please see this post for details, and email us with the following information:

-Your property’s location.

-Company website or Airbnb/VRBO link.

-How your property or event relates to paranormal interests/eco travel/holistic wellness and witchcraft.

-What kind of accommodations you plan to provide the writer.

-Whether or not you are willing to cover airfare and/or transportation expenses.

Advertising opportunities

Moody Moons offers opportunities for businesses that provide services and products of interest to the witchcraft/Wiccan/pagan community.

Please email us with the following information:

-Your company’s website or vendor link.

-A brief description of the kind of product or service you would like to promote.

-Whether you’d like social media promotion, a link insert, a full-length feature, or some combination.


Moody Moons has interviewed many prominent figures in the new age/witchcraft community, including Fiona Horne, Dorothy Morrison, and New York Times best-selling author, Eben Alexander.  

If you are a public figure of interest to the witchcraft crowd, contact us for interview queries with the following information:

-Your name (or pseudonym).

-Links to your most successful social media accounts.

-Projects you are currently working on or interested in promoting.

-Links to any prior features in other publications/media outlets.

Book & Tarot Deck Reviews 

Moody Moons frequently features and recommends high-quality reading material and tarot/oracle decks in the new age/witchcraft market.

If you or your client recently published, or plan to publish, a new book of interest to Moody Moon’s audience, please email us with the following information:



-Publication Date

-A brief description.

Please note that not all books or decks submitted for review will be featured. 

Guest Posts

Moody Moons accepts guest posts from exceptional writers in the new age/witchcraft market.

All posts must be:

-Related to witchcraft, paranormal, new age topics or holistic health and wellness.

-At least 700-1000 words.

-Your original work.

-Unpublished, in whole or in part, anywhere else.

-May include one no-follow promotional link.

Please submit your pitch to

Photo Submissions

We are always on the look out for fresh photography talent.

Any photo selected for publication will include the photographer’s name in the caption, as well as a link to your photography website at the end of the post in which it is featured.

All photos must meet the following criteria for consideration:

-Must be your original, unpublished photo.

-Must be in high-resolution JPEG format.

-Include an attached model release (if person is depicted in photo, even if it is a self-portrait).

-Include your name, website or the social media link you want promoted and a short bio.

Please submit your photo(s) to

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