Tarot Readings by Lumina

We are excited to announce that Moody Moons’ founder and current editor, Lumina Indigo, is currently accepting new tarot clients! 

With decades of experience as a reader and spiritual advisor, Lumina’s readings are uniquely beautiful experiences that nourish the soul and help guide you on the path to your fullest potential.

Here’s a little about Lumina in her own words.

This reading is different.  Really.

With over 20 years of experience, the art of reading tarot is as natural to me as taking a nap in the sun.

My readings are meant to be interactive, conversational, and approachable. 

Sometimes they are light-hearted and fun, sometimes serious and even tearful.

But always meaningful, powerful, and healing.

I am of the philosophy that a tarot reader’s best role is to help the querent discover their intuition.  

You give birth to your own wisdom; I am just the midwife.  

Honest, Safe, Reputable Readings

I started reading tarot because I wanted to provide readings that were safe, honest, and reputable.

While many spiritual advisors are well-intentioned people with good values, we all know that the art of tarot reading often attracts “readers” with exploitative or dishonest motives.

I want to provide a trustworthy service that offers real value.

No scammy future predictions, no lotto numbers, no lifting nonexistent curses.

No haughty, holier-than-thou declarations about your life.  No pretending to know what it’s like to live in your skin. 

Just clear, compassionate, tarot-based insights to help guide you through difficult decisions and provide you with a fresh perspective.

Why not video conferencing?

All my readings are over the phone.  It’s so old-fashioned, right?!

But there is a reason I take this approach.

Aside from the fact that we all get way too much screen time, phone readings allow you to focus on my words & my tone of voice, as well as the invisible link between reader and querent.  

You can also set the scene any way you want.  Turn off the lights, set out some candles. 

Even go outside and sit under the moon.  

Overall, I’ve discovered that the phone allows you to experience the tarot in a more meditative, holistic way.

You’ll see what I mean.

What to expect?

The minimum session length is 60 minutes.

The first fifteen minutes are always spent getting to know you and the struggles you are facing.  Choices to be made, wounds to heal, relationships to consider, ect.

A good reading isn’t cheap; there’s no sense wasting time.   I want to hear from you exactly what’s going on in your life so that we can get straight to the heart of the issue and determine how your draw applies to it.

I will ask you questions.  The clarity of your reading is dependent on the honesty of your answers.  

We won’t play any guess-what-my-cat’s-name-is type parlor games.  Those types of readings are for entertainment; my readings are for personal growth.  And in my opinion, that’s way more valuable.