Easy Love Spell Using Candle Magic

This simple love spell uses candle magic to attract romance and affection into your life.

Work this simple candle magic love spell to draw romance and attraction energy into your life.

Even if you’re brand new to witchcraft, this is one anyone can do!

Gather a bouquet of fresh roses and get ready for your next great love.

Things You Will Need

All the spell items on this list radiate with the magic of love and attraction.  


This classic love spell ingredient appears in rituals for romance dating back to ancient Rome.

Sacred to the love goddess, Aphrodite, its delicate petals and intoxicating aroma inspire feelings of infatuation and intrigue.

White or Red Candle

In color magic, red represents passion and lust.  Or, if you prefer, a white candle works well as an all-purpose spell candle.

Vanilla Essential Oil

The heady, aromatic fragrance of vanilla essential oil promotes feelings of warmth, kindness, and tenderheartedness.

Spell Timing

Timing a spell according to the moon phase or energy of the day helps to focus your intentions and set the magic off in the right direction.

Consider performing this spell during the waxing or full moon

Or, think creatively and make this spell a special way to honor Valentine’s day.

Step 1

Gather your spell components.  Don’t forget matches or a lighter.

Find a peaceful space in your home or (even better) outdoors.

Set up a small altar with the roses, the candle, and the vanilla oil.

Cast a circle any way you like.

Step 2

Anoint the candle with vanilla oil.  If you like, you can use the oil to draw symbols of love on the candle, such as a heart or the infinity symbol (which represents the eternal nature of love).

As you anoint the candle, quietly focus your intentions.

Step 3

Place the candle on the altar.

Surround it with roses.

Step 4 

Light the candle.  Spend some time thinking about the meaning of love, and how you hope it to manifest in your life.

Close your eyes and picture yourself meeting the ideal partner.  Try to set aside any shallow or preconceived notions of what that looks like (age, appearance, social status, ect). 

Instead, express to the universe (or a goddess you are devoted to, or whatever higher power you believe in) that you are open to and ready to receive a partner that is best suited to your path in this life.

Step 5

Extinguish the candle and close the circle.

Leave the candle surrounded by roses in a quiet space in your home.

Over the next moon cycle, observe the roses as they fade and dry.  Acknowledge in your heart and mind that all things are temporary, including this current state of solitude.

Remember to enjoy the sacredness of being alone even as you look forward to entering a new relationship.

Periodically add a few drops of vanilla essential oil to the dried roses, and light the candle to meditate on the nature of love.

Manifesting Love

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Basic love spell anyone can do! Put that bouquet of flowers to good magical use.


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