Friendship Jar Spell (Guest Post)

Easy friendship magic spell idea.

Spell jars or witch bottles are a spell’s physical representation. They are easy to make, even for beginner witches (actually, anyone can make them), and you can use them for so many purposes: prosperity, luck, love, and protection.

When it comes to the ingredients for the spell jar, you don’t necessarily have to use crystals if you don’t have any, but the spell is stronger if you use them as the crystals can be charged with your intention.

So for those who feel that friendship is precious and a big part of our lives, here is my version of a friendship spell jar with crystals in their capacity to attract, strengthen and nurture platonic love and close connections with like-minded people.

What you’ll need for the friendship spell jar.

You’ll first need to pick a jar.

It’s okay if you want to use a mayonnaise jar or an expensive decorative jar, but make sure to cleanse it with some sage or palo santo first. Spell jar can be very aesthetically pleasing, but remember that your purpose and intentions are the most important, so you don’t need the most expensive stuff.

Then you will need the following ingredients:

  • Pink Himalayan salt to cleanse the energies and protect you from toxic relationships
  • White salt works as well (in case you have no pink salt around the house)
  • Dried cloves for friendship and protection
  • A pinch of cinnamon for happiness
  • Dried lavender for calmness
  • Dried rose petals to attract a happy friendship
  • Rose quartz crystal for love
  • Amethyst crystal for friendship attraction
  • Sugar to sweeten up the friendship
  • Dried dandelion for loyalty
  • Handwritten spell (but that is optional; this could be a poem or a list of things you wish for this friendship)
  • Yellow or white candle to close the jar at the end

Cleanse your amethyst and rose quartz crystals

Friendship jar spell idea.

Besides cleansing your jar and space and getting into a meditative state, it’s also essential to cleanse your amethyst and rose quartz crystals. You want them clean of any disrupting energies, especially if the gemstones are new.

Cleansing is also essential if the stones were previously used for other purposes and spells or were dedicated (used for an extended period for a singular purpose).

There are various ways to cleanse your crystals, and you can choose which is most comfortable for you:

Smoke Clearing – is a method that uses the smoke from burning herbs or incense to dispel the amethyst’s and rose quartz’s negative energies. Hold the crystal in your hand, one at a time, and pass it through the smoke. Or you can place the crystal somewhere from where the smoke can drift over it, from below or beside it.

You can chant:

“Smolder, smoke, blow away,

Cleanse this stone, clear the way.”

Elemental – this cleansing method uses the four elements of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. You can dip the stone in water for a few seconds, then quickly pass it through the flame (you can use a candle here, but be careful not to burn your fingers).

Pass the stone through incense smoke (representing the Air element), and lastly, put your crystal in a dish of earth.

As you perform this cleansing method on your amethyst and rose quartz, it’s important to visualize every element removing the unwanted energy from the crystals. You can also chant:

“Water, Fire, Air, and Earth,

Cleanse this stone, give rebirth.”

Moonlight/Sunlight – this is a simple way to cleanse your stones for any type of spell jar you intend to make. Place the crystals where they can sit in moonlight overnight or in sunlight (maybe on a window sill). Then the chant:

“Sunlight/Moonlight, as you cleanse this stone,

By your light, make it my own.”

Charge the crystals for the friendship spell jar

Charging a crystal means you establish a temporary intent. For instance, you might use your amethyst crystal for restful nights, but then you decide to use it for this friendship spell jar, so you cleanse it and charge it for this specific purpose.

When charging the crystals for this spell, visualize your desire; see your goal.  Hold the amethyst in your hand during this process, and then the rose quartz crystal.

Or write down your intent if expressing it this way helps you. Then place both crystals on that piece of paper (it’s okay to charge them together since they unite in the jar spell to serve your goal).

There are other ways to charge the crystals, and you can use the one that resonates with you the most.

For example, if you have a particular song you like that you associate with friendships, you can play it when you visualize your intent. Sounds are good crystal energy cleansers; you can also use singing bowls and various instruments.

Keep your heart open for new friendships

This jar spell works better when you truly know your intention, so having an open heart to welcome new friendships in your life is essential. The same goes for strengthening your present friendship/friendships and being ready to invest more energy into them.

If you are not sure you want to attract new friends, take your time to know yourself. Crystals can also be used for meditative practices, and the following can sharpen your intuition and can help with self-awareness:

About the author:

Xenia Mateiu is passionate about crystals, gemstones, and geodes of all kinds and loves exploring ways to incorporate them into her daily life. She founded Village Rock Shop in Carlsbad, California, intending to share her passion and knowledge about crystals with the local community and anyone who feels attracted to this magical universe.

You can find the lovely chants mentioned here:

Ember Grant, (2013). The Book of Crystal Spells: Magical Uses for Stones, Crystals, Minerals … and Even Sand


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