9 Ways to Use Amethyst in Witchcraft

9 Creative Ways to Use Amethyst in Witchcraft

With its rich lavender hue and intricate crystal formations, amethyst is a must-have for the gemstone enthusiast.

Inexpensive, easy-to-find and beautiful, expect to come across this one at almost any occult shop or gem store.

If you never worked with gems, this stone makes a great introduction to the world of semi-precious crystals.

Enhance dreams.

If you keep a dream journal or want to start a dream work practice use this gem to promote vivid dreamscapes and visions.

Keep a piece of the purple stuff underneath your bed, in a dream spell box, or on top of your journal.

When using amethyst for dream work, “refresh” the energy of the stone by charging it under a dark moon.

Place it on the altar for Dionysus.

Several myths made it into Greek folklore regarding amethyst and the Dionysus.  The most common one goes like this:

Dionysus became infatuated with a maiden called Amothystos.  His desires remained unrequited.  Amothystos preferred a life of chastity, and called upon the favor of the gods to grant her wish.

The goddess Artemis answered her prayer for purity by turning her to quartz stone.

Dionysus, the god of wine and drink, was impressed by Amothystos’ sacrifice.  He poured purple wine over her image as an offering, giving amethyst its grape color.

Open the 3rd Eye.

Use this stone to widen the portal of your Third Eye chakra.

Lay down, face up, and place a piece on the area between and just above your eyebrows.

Close your eyes, and count backwards from 10-to1.  Taking a deep breath with each number, imagine you are inhaling through your Third Eye, then exhale fully, wringing out your lungs as you would a rag.

Repeat until you begin to feel a sense of heightened awareness.

Use the time after your mediation for divination practice.

Gift Amethyst to an Aquarius or Pisces

Does the Aquarius or Pisces in your life have a birthday that falls in February?

Honor their intrinsic energy with a piece of amethyst.  This semi-precious stone is the birthstone of February.

Often set into jewelry, find amethyst rings, necklaces and bracelets at any new age shop.

Or, use your artistic talents and include a piece of this stone in a custom gift set.

Keep a cool head.

During the Medieval Period, European infantry wore amethyst to stay calm in battle.

If you plan to attend a contentious meeting in the near future, consider carrying this gemstone to avoid “popping your top.”

giving the stone its grape color.

Ease homesickness.

Add this stone to your travel spell bag if you tend to suffer from homesickness while away.

Consider including dried pink rose for soft, familial feelings and warm thoughts to enhance this stone’s effectiveness for travel blues.

Carry it with you during travel and keep it close at night, when homesickness tends to intensify.

Tip a wand.

The relative inexpensiveness of this stone means using it for crafts isn’t totally impractical.

Finish off a wand with this stone for enhanced healing properties and wisdom in spiritual matters.

Soak amethyst in moon water.

The next time you make a batch of moon water, store it in a glass jar and drop a piece of amethyst in it.

This stone super charges moon water, especially if you plan to use it for enhanced psychic awareness or dream magic.

Its relationship to the water is reciprocal.  The stone charges the water, and the water charges the stone.

Ease spiritual discomforts of addiction.

Serious addiction requires professional support, and amethyst won’t cure it.

But if you want to compliment your traditional approach with a holistic, spiritual component, it never hurts to use all the tools at your disposal.

Some people say carrying it helps to soothe the discomfort associated with withdrawal.

If you are trying to quit smoking, coffee or another bad habit, consider wearing or carrying this stone to help stay calm and focused during your detoxing period.


9 Ways to Use Amethyst in Witchcraft



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  1. Yes I fully agree it has many uses and is great for healing especially to give to someone who deals with addiction

  2. I really enjoyed this article, and as a crystal lover myself, I have always believed that amethyst has magical powers that affect you without you even knowing it.

  3. The magickal color of Amethyst has always attracted me. One of my favorite gemstones, I feel calm & grounded when I’m holding it. I have always loved the color purple & I wasn’t surprised to learn that it is a witchy color.
    I love your website…very informative & enlightening. Glad to make your acquaintance. We only merry part to merry meet again, so I will return.
    Blessed be.

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