Rose Magic: 9 Ways to Use Roses in Witchcraft

How to Use Roses In Witchcraft

Bursting out of crystal vases and trailing their petals into candlelit bedrooms, roses are everywhere this time of year.

But whether your Valentine brings your roses or you give them to yourself, their splendor is fleeting. 

So if you have roses wilting somewhere in your house, don’t throw them away!

Roses have lots of traditional power in the Craft.  Here are a few ideas to put your fading flowers to use.

Use the petals to stuff a love poppet

DIY Love goddess spell poppet. Easy to make yourself. Stuff it with attraction herbs like dried roses, rosemary or orange peel. A beautiful way to spend a rainy afternoon.

Dried roses are a perfect addition to an attraction poppet or love spell poppet.

Just grab a pretty scrap of fabric (rose print or pink/red is nice) and cut a pattern.

You can use a goddess shape or even the shape of a gingerbread man.

Stuff the poppet with dried roses along with any other love or attraction spell ingredients you want.  Dried rosemary, lavender or a piece of rose quartz all make nice additions.

Add them to an attraction bath. 

Aphrodite bath ritual.
Aphrodite ritual bath with rose petals and sea shells.

If you’ve never given yourself an Aphrodite bath, make good use of your rose petals with this indulgent, luxurious treat.

Try this tutorial for an Aphrodite bath ritual.

Or, simply draw a bath, add rose petals, a few drops of rose essential oil, a cup of fresh milk, and light some red or pink candles for a simple glamour spell to cultivate attractiveness. 

If you don’t want to deal with the mess of cleaning them out of your tub, wrap the petals in cheese cloth and let them “steep.” 


In Bad Habit Banishing Spells

spell to break a bad habit

Every rose has its thorns.  Don’t waste them!

Cut a piece of the thorny stem and add it to this bad habit banishing spell.

Thorns also make excellent additions to protection spells or to deflect negative energy.

Make a Batch of Rose Water

Making rosewater is an easy, satisfying 20-minute craft project. 

The magical uses for rosewater merit their own article, but here’s a few ideas to get you started:

-Anoint yourself with rosewater before date night to evoke the essence of romance.

-Add rosewater to potions for attraction magic.

-Dab rosewater on candles you plan to use in love spells.

Whip up some natural blush. 

Rinse roses thoroughly in water to wash away any pesticides or additives.

Dry your roses by hanging them upside down for at least 2 weeks.

Then, use a mortar and pedestal to grind the roses into a fine powder. 

It takes a while, but what you get is a totally natural blush.  

Take the next step and enchant your blush with a little magical intent.

As you grind them, say a chant or incantation for love and wear the powder as a blush to attract a new romance.

Add them to any beauty spell.

Beauty spells often incorporate roses for their elegance, charm and grace.

Try this green goddess facial and add rose petals to the water of your facial steam.

Make an offering to Aphrodite. 

Shore up your next attraction spell with an offering to the Goddess of Love herself.

Toss rose petals on a body of water (the ocean is traditional, but a lake or river will do) as an offering to Aphrodite.

Ask her to lavish your aura with her wit, charm and allure.

How to Use Roses in Witchcraft


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