10 Magickal Uses for Cinnamon

Looking for magical ways to use cinnamon?

Spicy, aromatic, cheap, and versatile, there’s no reason to go on a mission to the herb shop a hundred miles away, because this one is probably already somewhere in your kitchen!

Burn it for purification.  

Enhance your sacred space with the powerful spiritual vibrations of this exotic spice.

You can burn powdered or stick incense on a charcoal disk, toss it directly in the fire, or add it to a homemade incense wand like the one pictured above.

Include it with your tarot cards or runes. 

If you use them often, divination tools tend to get gunky with complex, heavy energies.

Throw a stick into the bag that you keep your runes in.  Or, fold it in your tarot cloth to charge your divination tools with clairvoyant energy and clear the psychic dust from your last reading.

In love spell potion. 

Love potion spell oil recipe.

Use cinnamon in homemade love spell potion.

Simply steep cinnamon sticks in olive oil over low heat and toss in a few of your favorite love spell herbs for a custom love potion to use in spell work and attraction magic.

Steep it into an infusion. 

Boll cinnamon by itself or with other divination friendly herbs (like mugwort, lavender or mint) and drink it as a tea to promote clairvoyance/insight.

Alternatively, you can sprinkle this infusion around your ritual space to clear negativity and make the area ready for reading tarot or another system of divination.

Use it in food magic for a love spell. 

Cinnamon sticks for fall cooking.

Bake it into a dessert, bless it for lasting love, and serve it during a romantic meal.

This recipe for Cinnamon Rose Love Spell Cookies is one of my favorites.

Hang it over the entryway. 

Hang bundle of cinnamon sticks over your front door.   Guard your home from negative energy and the bad intentions of outsiders.

Place it on the Yule altar. 

Yule fire Winter Solstice blessing bundles.

This spice has strong associations with the Yule season.

I like to make herbal “Yule log” bundles out of them.  Then, I leave them on the altar during the days leading up to the Winter Solstice, and then toss them in the fire.

Use it in a money sachet. 

Add cinnamon to a spell bag or sachet for luck, money drawing or career success.

Perfect if you’re on a job hunt or working activity to overcome debt.  Lend spiritual support to your efforts to help you accomplish your goals.

Use it in erotic love spells. 

Cinnamon is notorious for “heating up” cold romances and igniting passion.

If you want to draw passion into your relationship, or welcome a new flame into your romantic life, cinnamon attracts sensual energies.

10 Uses for Cinnamon


  1. How do I use cinnamon to remove bad spell in my body and for having good luck . I am also on job hunting how use it for luck on getting my job?

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