9 Ways to Use Rose Quartz in Witchcraft

Learn to use rose quartz in witchcraft, spells and magick.

Rose quartz, with its soft pink color and gentle energy, is a perfect stone to work with as a beginner in gem magic.

A common stone in love spells and friendship magic, it evokes the warm, generous energy that great relationships build themselves on.

Not just another list of correspondences, this article contains unique, specific and creative ideas to inspire your relationship with this classic love stone.

Creative ideas to use rose quartz in magic, spells and witchcraft.

Love oils

Rose quartz makes a great addition to love oils.

Fuel a long-term relationship with this stone’s famous slow-burning love energy.

Drop a small piece in a bottle of natural or organic massage oil to charge it with the sweet feeling of experienced love.

Or, make your own from scratch.  Just blend olive oil with a few drops of (affiliate link —->) rose essential oil and use it as a sensual blend to spice up date night.

Heal broken hearts.

Recovering from a rough break up and ready to move on?  Set your heart on the path to recovery.

Wear a piece of ritual jewelry set with rose quartz to speed emotional healing.   

Also helpful for staying calm and stable during divorce proceedings and dealing with mundane matters that are inextricably bound up with matters of the heart.

Romance and attraction poppets.

If you like your witchcraft extra crafty, add a piece of this stone to your next romance or attraction poppet.

Easy to whip out on a lazy Sunday afternoon, enhance this beginner’s spell craft project with gemstones to add a distinctly magical touch.

Pairs well with dried rose petals and other romantic florals as a stuffing.

As an offering to Aphrodite.

If you enjoy working with Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, place a piece of this crystal on your altar to her or add it to your circle during rituals that honor her.

Rose quartz is an acknowledgement of both Aphrodite’s powers of romantic persuasion, and of her beauty.

In gifts of friendship and sisterhood.

Although we generally think of this stone as a compliment to romance magic, it really promotes unconditional love.

And of course, this love also translates well to long term or committed friendship.

Create a small gift basket for a witchy friend with some handmade magical items. 

(Ritual bath items, custom spell kits or handmade incense blends are all nice gift basket items for this purpose).

Then, tuck in a piece of rose quartz charged with warmth and genuine kindness to solidify the bonds of a new friendship, or renew the bonds of an old one.

Love spell candles.

Like other kinds of quartz, this one breaks apart relatively easily into smaller pieces.   These rosy pebbles add easily to spell candles.

Just place it in a plastic bag, cover it with a kitchen towel and smash it with a hammer or kitchen mallet.

Add the smaller pieces to handmade spell candles for love and romance.

When traveling away from pets or children.

If you plan to leave children or pets in someone else’s care while you travel on business or for other reasons, leave a piece of this stone with them as you would a piece of your heart.

Tell children to sleep with the stone as a reminder that your love remains with them even when you are apart.

Or, hang it over your dog’s favorite sleeping area (way out of reach!) in a spell pouch to ease separation anxiety.

To open a closed heart.

Do you struggle with intimacy? Or find it difficult to trust in relationships?  

Trauma and emotional pain often close down the heart chakra for self-protection.

But if closed off too tightly, it’s harder to unlock than a jailhouse door.

Try carrying a piece of rose quartz to open the heart and make room for love.

Don’t forget self love.

Dealing with low confidence?  Recently taken a blow to your pride?

Rose quartz takes the sting out of embarrassment or social discomfort.

Use it to restore your self-respect and move on from a particularly mortifying personal experience.

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