9 Ways to Use Amazonite in Witchcraft & Spells

How to use Amazonite in witchcraft, magic and spells.

Amazonite, with its seafoam green color and tranquil vibes, makes a soothing addition to any magical practice.

This semi-precious stone is both lovely and versatile.

Ground tumultuous energies, ease loneliness and open your heart with these creative ideas to incorporate Amazonite in your magical practice.

Angry?  Slow your roll.

Amazonite cools hot tempers and brings you back to a state of chill.

Hold a piece in your hand to get control of your more irksome emotions.

Or, if you struggle with chronic anger, consider wearing some Amazonite set into a piece of jewelry as a reminder not to give away your power.

On the home altar.

This stone brings chaotic domestic energy into balance.

Particularly in states of upheaval (like getting a new roommate or moving to a new place), Amazonite stabilizes unrest.  

If you maintain a home altar, place a piece of Amazonite in a bowl of salts to ground your living space.

May the truth come out.

Use this stone in truth-telling and justice spells to untangle lies and deception.

Try pulling the Justice card from a deck of tarot cards and placing a piece on top. 

Leave it on the altar during the dark moon to unmask liars and get to the bottom of fishy behavior. 

Support sobriety.

If you started down the path of sobriety, use Amazonite in charm bags and spell pouches to support your efforts.

Addressing the spiritual component of substance addiction compliments traditional approaches for a holistic, well-rounded approach to recovery.

Good luck!

Ease loneliness.

Whether you just left a difficult marriage or moved to a new town, loneliness strikes everyone at some point.

Incorporate this stone into your witchy self-care routine as a reminder that loneliness and solitude are two different experiences.

Remember that sometimes, we retreat into ourselves to recover, and when we feel ready, this stones helps us to emerge stronger and more refreshed for it.

Attract new customers.

Starting a new business?  Experiencing a slump?

Surround a sea-green pillar candle with chunks of Amazonite and burn just before business meetings, pitches or other important events in the workplace.

Its warm vibrations and stress-busting energy set a positive tone for interaction with clientele.

On your Ostara altar.

This stone’s fresh, vibrant energy compliments spring altars.

Add a few raw chunks of it to your Ostara altar to welcome the Spring Equinox and draw in the invigorating energy of the planting season.

Looks lovely when paired with little pots of new seedlings sprouting or dyed eggs.

Open your heart.

Place this stone at the heart center during meditation to open your heart and release a closed down emotional center.

Particularly when you feel “tight” or defensive emotionally, Amazonite helps to ease unhealthy overprotection of the self.

Great after break-ups or other times when you need to dislodge spiritual blockages and move past traumatic events to reconnect with people you care about and deserve your trust.

Get creative.

Amazonite creates a mental filter to remove the self-doubt that sometimes cripples creative pursuits.

Whether you make music, paint or take to the stage for a little artistic drama, use this stone during your warm-up or preparation to clear away negative thoughts and open yourself to your “flow state.”

Not a creative bone in your body?  A piece of jewelry set with Amazonite makes a great gift to a friend or loved one with a flare for the arts.

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9 Ways to Use Amazonite in Witchcraft

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