10 Ways to Use Dandelions in Witchcraft

While you’re weeding your spring lawn, don’t forget to pluck a dandelion or two!  pull these little beauties up and throw together some magick.

10 ways to use dandelions in witchcraft

Use them in sun magick

A bright, yellow, full-sun flower makes a cheerful addition to any solar or daylight ritual.

Include in creativity and inspiration spells.  

Dandelions begin to come up just as the winter fades completely, symbolizing hope and and new beginnings.  Include dandelions in spells to jump start projects or break a creative block.  

Press them in your Book of Shadows.

Dandelions wilt quickly, but they press well!   Press between the pages of your Book of Shadows or journal to infuse it with positive solar energy.

Add them to kitchen witch recipes.

As long as you forage them from a pesticide-free environment with low pollution area, everything on the dandelion, from the root to the flower, is edible.

Try this amazing dandelion “sun” pesto.

Add them to little wildflower bouquets for woodland spirits. 

Planning an outdoor ritual this spring?  Gather dandelions and other wildflowers as an offering to the woodland spirits.

wildflower bouquet

Use them in spells for bravery and courage.

The word “Dandelion” comes from the french word dent-de-lion, meaning “tooth of lion.”  Use them in mojo bags for confidence, bravery or courage.

Include in wishing spells.   

In many regions of the United States, people remember as children finding dandelions after they’ve gone to seed and blowing on them whilst making a wish.  Adapt this charming tradition to a wishing spell for a nostalgic ritual.   Makes a lovely feature in children’s spells and rituals as well.

Make a divination tea. 

Boil dandelion leaves and roots into tea and drink it before reading tarot or other divination practices for keen insight and clarity.

Pile them on your Beltane altar. 

Dandelions brighten any springtime altar, but especially Beltane!  Put them in a vase with fresh rainwater

Drive out dark energy or spirits. 

Bring bouquets of dandelion into the home to dispel dark thoughts and negative spiritual energy.

Ring spell candles with them. 

Arrange dandelions around the base of an altar or spell candle to welcome happiness and playful joy into your circle.

mabon incense 3


  1. I love dandelions! Here in the Midwest, U,S, they grow so rampantly that people overlook them (not to mention poison them!) Your suggestions are lovely. Also, they are edible and nutritious, delicious in salads. Thanks for this post, I will definitely try these ideas 🙂

  2. Omg does anyone know the name of the tarot deck that’s in the header it’s so cute and I’ve been looking for a new deck

  3. Thanks for the information, it’s fantastic. Have been looking for a sun symbol to accompany a central American spirit artifact, dandelions will be perfect!

    1. Hi,

      Certainly many people have written about the medical benefits of dandelion, however I do not endorse them as I am not qualified to issue medical advice or even evaluate the validity of those claims.

      I try to stay in my magical lane there. 🙂

    1. Being that they say you can use them for a cheerful addition to any solar or daylight ritual I would say their yellow, full-sun flower I would say definitely!! Just remember to put your intention into them so they can work to your full advantage. I am headed outside to pick some for myself now. I’ve been waiting all winter for them to come back, some may call them weeds but they’re beautiful weeds! Blessings and cheers to you! ?

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