9 Ways to Use Lapis Lazuli in Witchcraft

Got some lapis lazuli lying around? Here's 9 creative ways to use this beautiful blue stone.

Tranquil, soothing and beautiful, lapis lazuli drew the admiration of ancient royalty with its timeless mystical appeal. 

Today, practitioners of crystal magic use it in a variety of ways. 

Want to try it?  Here are a few simple, creative and inspiring ideas to incorporate this unique stone into your spell work and rituals.

If you've never worked with this beautiful blue stone, it's time to bring some into your life. Find out what it is and how to use it in witchcraft, magic and spells.

Lapis lazuli is one of my favorite gemstones ever! I use it all the time to help me sleep, meditate and stay calm. Just looking at it makes me feel serene . . . .

Did you know Egyptian royalty smashed these stones into a powder to make eyeshadow?

Hold a piece to sooth stress or anxiety.  

People struggling with mild anxiety sometimes feel relief when holding a piece of lapis lazuli.

Drop a small piece of polished lapis lazuli in some olive oil with a few drops of lavender essential oil and anoint your wrists with it at bedtime.

Or, include it in this dark moon dream salve.

Place it near the hearth of the home to harmonize disrupted relationships

Kids bickering?  Are you and your partner inexplicably annoying each other lately? 

Try a piece of lapis lazuli near the heart of the home (living room, kitchen, wherever everyone spends the most time together in the house) to help quiet tempers and promote cooperation.

Or, if you maintain a home altar, place it there with some mint or another “cooling” herb to sooth emotional flare ups.

Use during dark moon divination to symbolize the night sky.  

With its dark blue color and tiny, flashing golden flecks of pyrite, lapis lazuli resembles a star-filled, moonless horizon. 

This stunning, glittery feature connects lapis deeply with the night sky and all the galaxies the sparkle in it.

Keep a piece near during your dark moon divinations to draw in the energy of the darkest nights of the month.

Place a piece on an Egyptian altar.  

Egyptian pharaohs ground the gemstone into an deep-indigo powder for use as eye shadow or to dye clothing. 

Its brilliant hue symbolized royalty and power.

If you honor the Egyptian Pantheon in your practice, place a piece of lapis lazuli on your altar to draw out your “inner queen.” 

Place it in mojo bags for inner peace.   

Let it smooth out frayed nerves and quiet the rough tides of your spirit.

Include lapis lazuli in inner peace mojo bags for its wonderfully calming properties.   

Bring it with you into deceptive situations.  

Dealing with a lying partner, cheating coworker or someone else skewing the truth to hide a secret?

If you suspect dishonesty afoot, carry a piece of lapis lazuli to encourage the truth to service. 

But take caution!  Expect it to unmask your own deceptions, too!  Especially the ones you tell yourself.

Spells for reconcilliation.    

Lapis Lazuli’s tendency to encourage people to empathize with their partners, family members and friends deeply allows them to see past their personal frustrations and misunderstandings, clearing obstacles that stand in the way of healthier interpersonal connections.

If your family struggles with an ongoing rift, gent

Carry it to sooth stage fright. 

Got a presentation coming up that has your stomach all twisty?  Do you 

If speaking in public makes you nervous, carry a piece to calm your nerves and center your emotions before presentations and performances.

Wear it during meditation to open the third eye.  

Lapis lazuli’s chakra correspondence rests on the Third Eye, a both literal and figurative place in the body between and slightly above your eyebrows.  The Third Eye “sees” the invisible and informs your intuitive senses.

Give it as a gift.  

This gemstone blesses deep friendships.  It enhances the kind of open, peaceful and honest communication that we all crave in our cornerstone relationships.

Get a pair of (affiliate link —->) earrings with lapis lazuli settings and charge them for friendship.

Then, give them to a good friend for her birthday or Yule.

How to use this mystical stone in magic, witchcraft and spells.

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