Litha Midsummer Wishing Spell Candle Float

Litha wishing spell for the Summer Solstice. Super easy to do. Most of the components are things found in nature.

Make a little magic on Midsummer Night’s Eve with this flowery, candle-float wishing spell.

The night of the Summer Solstice is an optimal time for wishing magic.  The Veil between our world and the one beyond thins, blurring the line between other realms and the one we find ourselves in.

Candle floats combine the elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water for a balanced, harmonious ritual to lift the spirit and inspire hope.

DIY Litha candle float wishing spell for Midsummer.

Items You Will Need

This spell uses organic, biodegradable items found in nature.  If you plan to release your candle float on a body of water, be sure to use only natural items.  Always make a minimal impact on your local ecosystem.

-1 tea candle made of natural wax (beeswax, 100% soy, ect)

-herbs appropriate to your wishing spell (more on that below)

-a bowl 

-natural glue


-lighter or matches

Step 1:  Make the bowl.

How to make leaf bowls for a candle float.

Start by draping and gluing your leaves over an upside down bowl.   I used a cereal bowl, but almost any bowl works.

It is very important to use a natural or non-toxic glue if you plan to release your candle float on an open body of water.

You can either buy natural glue or there are many ways to make it yourself.

Work in layers until your cover the bowl.  

Allow the leaves to dry out.  Depending on the climate you live in, it takes anywhere from 24 hours to 4 days for them to dry completely.  You want the leaves to dry until they feel almost brittle.  

Step 2:  Fill the bowl.

Fill the bowl with herbs or flowers that match your intention or wish.  Use whatever herbs you like for your purpose.  

If you are unfamiliar with the basics of herbalism, here are some suggestions:

Rosemary:  Protection, love, cleansing, sun magic.

Roses:  Love, beauty, Aphrodite.

Basil:  Luck, healing, domestic harmony.

Peppermint:  Financial matters, money, career success, spiritual pain relief.

Lemon peels (dried):  Happiness, joy, cleansing, clarity, creative inspiration.

Sage:  Wisdom, knowledge, learning, academic success.

Dandelions:  Courage, bravery, solar energy, masculine divine, sun magic.

I also like to add a few drops of essential oils, but use your best judgement according your intention and whatever you keep on hand.

Step 3:  Cleanse, charge and bless it.

Cleanse, charge and bless the bowl.

Try any of the following methods, or create your own:

For charging:

Leave wishing spell bowl in the sunlight or moonlight.

-Surround it with crystals or stones of your choosing for a set amount of time (24 hours, 7 days, a full moon cycle, whatever).

-Use a tone, like a chime or a chant, to imbibe the wishing spell bowl with positive energy.

For cleansing:

-Sprinkle it with moon water.

-Pass it through incense smoke.

For blessing:

-Say an incantation.

-Simply state your spell’s purpose.

Step 4:  Strip the candle.

Even natural tea candles usually come with an outer mold.  You need to remove that outer casing before you release it into the water.

Some tea candles release quite easily if you just gently tuck on the wick while holding the base.

How to strip a tea candle.

If that doesn’t work, try running a razor blade or very thin knife between the edge of the mold and the candle (as you would to release a stubborn cupcake).

Finally, if all else fails, the aluminum around tea candles is usually thin enough that you can literally cut it off with scissors.

Also, don’t forget to remove the tiny piece of metal that anchors the wick on the bottom. 

Just pull it out slightly, cut the base off and leave the wick poking out the top.

Stripping a tea candle for candle river floats.

Step 5:  Release the bowl (or not).

You don’t have to release to bowl.  That’s up to you.

Use common sense. 

I apparently always have to actually say use common sense. 

Because whenever I suggest releasing something, I inevitably get a comment or message in my inbox from some neurotic person somewhere shouting things like “OMG don’t release that in the water!  You could set the lake on fire!!” or “What if the birds are allergic to leaves?  Did you even think about that?!”  or something equally . . . whatever that is.

(In an unrelated ritual that has nothing to do with this spell or modern witchcraft, Hindus have been releasing candle floats into the Ganges every day, for who knows how long, without a problem.  Even the authorities Brooklyn, one of the most rigidly regulated jurisdictions in the United States, apparently decided that releasing candle floats in New York is not a threat to people or wildlife.  But you know.  Use your best judgement.)

Anyways, for sure don’t do anything illegal or put anything in nature that might pollute or damage it.  

If all your materials aren’t 100% natural, and preferably local, you can just leave it on a fire-safe altar or other surface.

Step 6:  Support your spell with real-world effort.

This generally applies to all spells.

Once you complete it, support it with real world efforts.

Await the manifestations of your intent, and Blessed Be.

Got candle magic?  This nifty candle float wishing spell is a lovely way to celebrate Litha or the Summer Solstice.


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