10 Ways to Use Basil in Witchcraft

Basil gives off a distinctly magical summer vibe, making it a staple in any witch’s garden or cabinet.  From Ayurveda to traditional Chinese medicine, this miraculous, emerald-green little aromatic earned a sacred reputation even among ancient wisdom cultures. 

Take a look at the creative ideas below for inspiring ways to include it your practice!

10 Ways to Use Basil in Witchcraft, Spells and Magick

Flying Ointments & Meditation Salves

Steep basil in flying ointments and meditation ointments for “clarity in flight.”  Basil stabilizes a wandering mind to keep your meditation or “flying” session focused and purposeful.

Try this recipe:  melt equal parts beewax and coconut oil in a slow cooker.  Steep finely chopped (fresh) basil and dry lavender buds.  Add peppermint oil.  Apply to temples or inside of the wrists during meditation or astral projection.

Bring Luck to Business

Spring dried basil near your desk or tie it in a drawstring bag with some pennies to draw luck to your money and business matters.

Refresh before important meetings, phone calls or as needed.

Repel An Unwanted Love Interest

Whether you no longer want to feel interest in someone, or you wish they no longer took interest in you, let a piece of basil wilt under your bed to encourage the feelings to fade away.

Heal a Rift in Friendship

Arguing with a dear friend and can’t seem to stop?  Take a photo of her, sprinkle it with dry basil and leave a piece of rose quartz on it for one full moon cycle.

Protect the Home

Plant basil near the threshold of your home to repel negative entities and welcome friendly spirits.

Guard Your Circle

If you feel troubled by negative energy in your sacred circle, sprinkle dried basil along the perimeter instead of (or in addition to) salt to seal your circle with a little extra protection.

Freeze It

Throw fresh basil an ice tray, then fill the remaining space with spring water.  Make a wish for new love, then throw it a creek or river.  “Send” your wish to the Element of Water and then resign yourself to Her wisdom.  Walk away and don’t look back.

Make a Romantic Meal

Kitchen witches know:  no one cooks up romance like the Italians.  Tomatoes and basil both blend well both in a culinary sense and a magical one.  Pick an Italian dish that include them together, “enchant” it for romance and then serve it in some candlelight for two.

And don’t forget: olive oil also makes a super hot sensual massage oil.  *wink*

Adorn Your Midsummer or Litha Altar

Ruled by fire and in full season at Midsummer, basil makes any Litha altar magical.  Cut it fresh from the garden and put it in vases.  Situate your altar in a sunny space.  It grows roots in 5-7 days, you can plant it right back in the garden!

Soften Family Tension in the Home

Soak basil in a spray bottle with 2 parts water and 1 part vinegar.  (Optional:  Include a piece of lapis lazuli in the bottle).  Use the mixture as a natural cleaning solution throughout the home until tensions subside.

Blessed Be.



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