How to Use Lemons in Witchcraft 9 Ways

How to use lemons in witchcraft, rituals, spells and magick.

Learn to use lemons in witchcraft 9 ways. 

Fresh, brightly-colored, and bursting with citrus zing, these magical little fruits make a lovely addition to summer magic, happiness spells and cleansing rituals.

Check out the Craft-y ideas below for some inspiration.

Add lemons to moon water.

Lemons boast metaphysical associations with the moon and the Element of Water.

So next time you whip up a batch of moon water, add in a squeeze of lemon juice.

Sun magic.

If you cut a lemon in half horizontally, you notice that it looks distinctly like a sunburst.

On the altar, lemons symbolize solar energy and the divine magic, making them a perfect addition to sun magic rituals and spells.

Floor wash.

Capitalize on lemon’s cleansing properties and add lemon juice to ritual floor wash.

Combine 1 part lemon juice to three parts water.  Add a sprig of mint or rosemary into the water and let sit overnight at room temperature.

Soak a clean sponge or mop with your floor wash and apply it to your ritual space for a sunny, fresh spiritual cleanse.

Spells to banish depression.

Lemons, as well as their bright yellow color, represent joy, happiness and fulfillment.

Include dried lemon zest in a spell bag to banish sorrow.

Or, try this sun magic spell to ease depression.

In the ritual bath.

Invigorate your ritual bath with the cleansing properties of this delightful little citrus plant.

Squeeze a little fresh lemon juice in the water.

Fill a sachet with lemon rinds.

Or, slice it up and toss it in with this citrus and champagne ritual bath.

Kitchen witchery.

One of the most obvious ways to include lemons in witchcraft?  Kitchen magic.

Add lemon juice or zest to magical desserts for romance, love and friendship.

Also perfect for ritual sun cakes  to include in summer magic and litha festivities.

Creativity spells.

The solar energy of lemons lends itself well to creative energy.

Mix 2 parts lemon peels with 1 part coffee and (affiliate link —->) place it in a drawstring spell pouch.

Put it in your creative work space or carry it with you to encourage innovative thinking.

Bless a friendship.

New in town?  Recently make an acquaintance you hope to turn into a friendship?

Bring a basket of lemon-themed items to their doorstep.

Include lemon-y soaps and candles.

Or, keep it simple and simply fill your gift basket with fresh, organic lemons.

Write a friendly message on a yellow greeting card and watch your friendship blossom.

Expel darkness.

If you work with paranormal investigators, leave lemons behind after exorcising a home to chase away any lingering shadowy presence.

Lemons emit positive energy and act on negative entities like bug repellent.

Remember, darkness is only the absence of light.

Using lemons in witchcraft, magick, ritual and spells.


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