How to Make Moon Water

It’s a (hopefully lazy) Saturday, and it’s a full moon!  A perfect time to make up a batch of moon water.

How to Make Moon Water

But first, what is moon water?

Moon water is a simple, all-purpose blessing water you can use in almost any ritual.  It’s extremely versatile.  You can use for:

*Cleansing ritual tools.
*Blessing spell components.
*Anointing yourself.
*In ritual baths for purification.
*In baby blessings.
*During Wiccaning ceremonies.
*During marital and handfasting rites.

Keep a bottle close!

Here’s what you’ll need:

*a full moon.
*piece of moonstone.  Clear quartz is an okay substitute.
*lavender flower.
*cinnamon stick.
*glass corked bottle.
*cast iron boiling pot or cauldron.
*a white floating candle

1.  On the night of the full moon, gather your ingredients.  If you want to be super witchy and mysterious, you can always build a bonfire and do up traditional with the pot on the flames.  Personally, I just use my stove.

2.  Bring the water to boil with the herbs.  If you want to spare yourself the trouble of straining them later, you can always just put them in a cheese cloth or tie them off in coffee filter.  Your call.

3.  Let the whole shebang simmer on low for about 20 minutes.  Or whatever.

4.  Allow the pot to cool and strain the herbs into the bowl.

5.  Around midnight, take it outside.  If possible, place it somewhere where the moonlight reflects in it.

6.  Place the moonstone in the center of the bowl.

7.  Light the floating candle and send it adrift in your water.  You can sit there for a few moments of contemplative reflection and extinguish it.  Or, if you feel it’s safe, you can allow it to burn itself out.  It is in water, after all.  But for goodness sake, use your own best judgement.  Either way, leave it out over night.

8.  In the morning, pluck out the cold wax from the candle.

9.  Funnel the water into the bottle and cork it up.  It’s ready for use.  Enjoy!


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