Away with the Faeries: A Book List

Faeries.  Fairies.  The fae.  However you spell it, nothing brings the warmer months to life like the mythical lore of fairies.  

From upcoming titles to Shakespearean classics, I assembled a reading guide/book list all about the pixie dust people.   

This spring, pile your nightstand high with these titles and learn all about the legendary woodland spirits before you drift off into dreamland.

Please note:  This list contains affiliate links.  It costs you nothing and it has no bearing on my selection.  Amazon has 3.4 million titles, and I can pick any one of them.  So I only pick the ones I think you’ll like.  🙂  You can read all about this practice on Moody Moon’s disclosure page.

By the way . . .

You don’t need to believe in literal fairies to delight in them, or learn from their lore, or even use them in your spell craft.

(See Fairy Magic for People Who Don’t Believe in Fairies).

For many people, the idea that modern folks still believe in little creatures haunting the mossy crags of Ireland seems a little . . . fanciful.

But even Shakespeare appreciated the bejeweled mythology of faeries.

It’s downright magical.

So take a walk deep into the flowered woodlands with me and step out on the other side mystified.

Fairies:  A Dangerous History by Richard Sugg

I stumbled across this book during my research for an upcoming article on the history of faeries and immediately wrote the publisher for a review copy.

Brilliantly researched and compellingly written, this book delves deeply into the darker side of fairy folklore.  

From fairy poltergeists to fallen angels, Sugg takes us on a journey through a haunted garden of mythical delights.

The Faerie Handbook: An Enchanting Compendium of Literature, Lore, Art, Recipes, and Projects

From the creators of Enchanted Living (formally Faerie Magazine), this gloriously illustrated book includes fairy-inspired art, recipes and ideas to fill your down time with the bewitching magic of fairies.

More of a lifestyle book than a history lesson, this one makes a lovely addition to a spring gift basket.

Or, throw it on the coffee table and let your guests pour through it while they wait for brunch to be served.  

Goes well with tea and mini cakes.  🙂

Magical Folk: British and Irish Fairies: 500 AD to the Present

Comprised of a sparkling collection of carefully curated essays,  this book specifically focuses on the faeries of Irish and British folklore.

The authors organize the content by region, making it a great read for anyone planning a trip to Ireland, Wales, Scottland, ect.

Pick this one up to enrich your travel experiences or study the rich fairy folklore born out of this part of the world.

The Fairy Bible:  The Definitive Guide into the World of Fairies

Make yourself a hot cup of butterfly moon milk and spend a rainy afternoon getting lost in the dreamworld of this remarkably charming book.

Delight in the fanciful illustrations, twinkling tidbits and a splash of ethereal fantasy.  

It’s practically pocket-sized.

Small enough to tuck into a basket in the bathroom and turn a hot bubble bath into a mythical experience.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Of course, William Shakespeare and his classic tale of lovers lost in an enchanted forest of fairies needs no introduction.

Deepen your knowledge of the English art form or re-read it and remember your freshman year of high school.

After all, we’ve all gone wandering off into the wilderness for love at least once.

Publishing Soon

A Natural History of Fairies

Set to publish this coming September, this book is meant for your child’s bookshelf.  

Honestly, I don’t know much about it, but if you are a witchy parent, it looks like an interesting concept.

Truth be told, when it comes to teaching my kid about fairy folklore, I’m way behind the curve.

We’re still trying to figure out how to get him to put his socks in the hamper.  🙂

Blessed be.

Away with the Fairies: A Magical Book List. Reading guide about the folklore of faeries, the fae, pixie people and magical folk.


  1. Thank you so much for this enchantingly lovely list!

    I’ve read a few of these and have some of the others on my (size-of-the-equator) reading list for a while now, particularly the title that you requested a review copy of. That one piqued my interest immediately, so I’ll be extra excited to read your take on it. ?‍♀️

    May you have a sunny, safe, sweet, and truly magickal Litha season!

    Autumn Zenith ? Witchcrafted Life

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