10 Magickal Uses for Sage

How to use garden sage in witchcraft, spells, and ritual magick.

Try one of these magickal uses for sage!  This earthy-smelling herb is a perfect addition to your witchy cupboard and your spellcraft.  

Symbolizing wisdom and spiritual cleansing, sage is a classic spell ingredient and a common addition to magickal gardens.  Make the most of yours with one of these lovely, creative ideas.

There’s more than one way to do an energy clearing.

By far, the most common of all the magickal uses for sage is in smoke wands.  Bundle your own smoke wands by hand during garden season.  Allow them to dry for several weeks.  Then, light the tip and burn your wand during an energy cleansing.  

But if you are smoke intolerant, or you just prefer a cleaner method, you can also boil sage on the stove for a cleansing effect.

Use in court case spells to encourage wisdom.  

Generally, all the parties involved could use a little.

Include in money sachets for prosperity.  

Throw a pinch of dried sage in your abundance bag or add it to a success spell for wisdom in making financial decisions.

Place on the altar for mental clarity.

Sage is known for its balancing effect on the mind.   Pinch off a fresh sprig from the garden and let it air dry on the altar to invite a quiet mental atmosphere in your sacred space.

Or, combine it with some dried lavender and eucalyptus and burn it in your cauldron on a charcoal disk to infuse it 

Surround the base of a white or blue candle with dried sage.  

Magickal uses for sage. Surround a candle with dried sage leaf to promote peace in your sacred space.

Surround a blue or white candle with dried sage leaves.  Burn it to heal frazzled emotions and spiritual disquiet.

Dry a large bundle and gift it to the Crone in your life.  

Strongly associated with wisdom and experience, dried garden sage makes a charming gift for the witch of a certain age in your coven.

Use in spells to break an unwanted desire for a love interest.  

Trapped in an unhealthy cycle of infatuation for  someone who clearly isn’t right for you?  Sage is uniquely suited to help you.  Burn some every night next to a photo of the person until your desire wanes.

Burn during funeral and memorial rites.  

Sage facilitates healthy grief and bonding with the spirits of those who passed on.

Place a sage sachet in your pillow to drive away nightmares.  

Sage has a protective quality that is specific to mental disturbances like nightmares.

Scatter around an outdoor sacred space to bless the ground.  

If you use a specific spot in your yard or a nearby natural area, scatter dried or fresh sage leaf on the ground to bless the space and clear it of negative energy.


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