Ostara 2024: 9 Ideas You (Probably) Didn’t Think Of

Looking for some clever ideas to celebrate Ostara or the Spring Solstice? We've got you covered.

Celebrate Ostara in 2024 and indulge your senses in the pleasures of the natural world awakening.

With tender spring buds on the trees and bright, baby grass shooting up from the earth, the season of spring has arrived.

This year, we rounded up some creative, out-of-the-box ideas to make the most of this refreshing holiday.


Make a batch of fairy cakes.

Spring Equinox fairy cakes with rose, pistachio and lemon buttercream frosting.

Ostara is a great time to make brunch with some friends and enjoy a light picnic outside to commune with the spirits of the woodlands.

Try whipping up a batch of these Rose & Buttercream Fairy Cakes.  Serve them on a blanket outside with orange juice, champagne or a floral tea for an Alice-In_Wonderland style picnic that’s truly magical.

Wake up early and toast the sunrise. 

Ostara is about light!  How rare it is in our busy lives we get a chance to appreciate the simple beauty of a sunrise.  

Get up and enjoy it!  

Make your own Ostara ritual incense.

Easy ostara incense recipe.

If you are planning an Ostara ritual, try making your own Ostara loose incense blend.  Floral, light, and lovely, this recipe is sure to make the scent of spring come alive in your sacred space.

Make an Ostara gift basket for a friend.

How to create an elegant Ostara or Easter basket.

Whether you have a full coven or a single like-minded friend, putting together an Ostara gift basket is a fun way to brighten the holiday for a cherished person in your life.

Make a (drinkable) fairy potion.

Purple fairy floral cocktail with natural peaflower color is perfect for Ostara, the spring equinox, Easter, a spring brunch or a bridal shower.

Despite its bright purple color, this recipe for a fairy cocktail potion is 100% natural.  The acid in the lemon interacts with butterfly pea flowers to give this festive spring cocktail its signature amethyst color.

Have breakfast for dinner. 

In honor of the returning sun, make a morning meal at night to drive away the winter darkness.  Eggs have special symbolism for Ostara, so a plate of omelets is a perfect addition your table.

Try this Ostara wishing spell.

Ostara wishing egg spell with triple moon motif.

Who doesn’t love pastel-colored spring eggs?  You can do this spring wishing spell with shells from your natural eggs, or you can make more permanent ones from unfinished wood eggs.

Either way, it makes for a lovely spell-casting activity that’s fun for grown-ups and little witchlettes alike.

Set up an all-natural spring altar.

Ostara Altar Flatlay

Turning over your altar for the seasons is among the most conscious ways to “turn the Wheel of the Year” and stay in tune with the seasons. 

Challenge yourself to decorate your spring altar with natural items only.

Fresh baby grass, decorated eggs, and bulb flowers are all traditional Ostara symbols for the Spring altar.

Get started on your goddess garden.

Anoint garden statues with spell oil, and other clever gardening ideas from a green witch.

Learning to grow your own ritual herbs and flowers is a valuable skill for every witch.

If you always let the spring season pass you by, make this the season to start your magical garden.

Choose simple-to-grow items like mint, rosemary, or other tenacious herbs, and then build from there.  You’ll never feel more connected to your apothecary!

Make your own Ostara ritual bath salts.

Light, floral and refreshing, this recipe for Ostara ritual bath salts is easy to make with simple ingredients like green tea and rose.

Add them to your ritual bathwater on Ostara to immerse yourself in the spirit of the spring season.

Try this Ostara ritual for solitaries.

Flying your broomstick solo this season?  Try this Ostara ritual written especially for solitary practitioners. 


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  1. This blog is my go-to every year for Ostara ideas! For all the Sabbats, really.

    Last year, I did the pistacio fairy cakes and they came out beautifully.

    This year, I want to try Spring Equinox bath salts recipe. Thanks!

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