Goddess Gardening with a Green Witch

Anoint garden statues with spell oil, and other clever gardening ideas from a green witch.

Goddess gardening, or the art of creating a magical space in nature, is a holistic way to take your practice outdoors.

Join me on a journey through a green witch’s garden and get inspired to create a sacred space in your very own backyard.

From outdoor altars to spell gardens, there’s enough here to keep even the most ambitious gardener busy all spring!

Dig in the dirt, connect with nature, and get busy doing the most magical thing of all—making stuff grow.

Try a Spell Garden

Looking for a design idea that also serves your magical intentions?

Try a spell garden!

Pick an intention and design a garden around it. 

For example, if you want more romance in your life, place a (affiliate link —->) garden statue of Venus in a sunny spot and surround it with rose bushes.  Bury a piece of rose quartz near the feet, then tend to it as you would tend to a deep love.

Watch love bloom in your life with the flowers!

Grow Magical Herbs

Spring gardening with a green witch.

Nothing beats fresh, homegrown herbs for magical spell ingredients.  

Some herbs (like damiana and monkshood) are toxic and best left to the experts.

But even common culinary herbs freshen any spell effort.  Here are some common garden herbs with links to their magical properties:







If it smells pretty (and sometimes, even if it smells . . . not so pretty) it probably contains some metaphysical properties useful in spell craft.

Gardening for Self Care

Fresh spring garden ideas from a green witch.

Did you know that some medieval monks devoted themselves to gardening as a quiet and contemplative life?

Time spent in nature is time spent with your soul.

Make your gardening ritual part of your self care.  

Consider incorporating some light gardening (watering, for example) into your morning ritual.

Practice mindfulness, or staying present in the moment, when you garden.  Feel the dirt between your fingers.  Stop to inhale the aroma of your herb garden.  Marvel at the intricate shapes of the flowers as the morph and bloom.

Above all, enjoy both the fruits of your labor and the labor itself.

Bury Treasure

Bury a gemstone in your garden to bless the planting season.

Choose a gemstone that represents your current goals (a piece of jade for financial goals or prosperity, orange calcite for creative aspirations, ect).

Let it charge in the moonlight, or pass it through the smoke of an herb that compliments your ambitions.

Then, bury the gemstone with any seeds you plant this year.

This simple spell is a classic for spring time!

Create an Outdoor Altar

Set up an outdoor altar in early spring and you’ll be glad you did it through summer and fall.

Start with a natural base, like a large piece of stone or a tree stump.

Adorn it with treasures collected on your nature walks.   Add some outdoor statuary and a couple of lanterns.  Then, use it for outdoor moon rituals and Sabbats for when the weather is nice.

Bee Friendly to Bees

Bee habitat

When I lived in Appalachia, I sometimes heard the old folks instruct their loved ones to “go tell the bees” when they died. 

This comes from sacred folk beliefs that when you pass on, bees “spread the news.”

In fact, bees are considered sacred creatures in many parts of the world. 

More importantly, both bee and butterfly populations are rapidly declining due to commercial pesticides.  

Offer a bee habitat in your yard.  The hum of bees creates a zen-like atmosphere in any garden.

Building a DIY bee habitat for your backyard is easy, and there are so many ways to get creative with it.  Use reclaimed wood or a repurpose an old bird house.

Attract Faeries & Woodland Spirits with Wildflowers

Wildflower bouquet.

Attract butterflies, hummingbirds, bees and other magical winged creatures by strategically planting (affiliate link —–>) a butterfly garden.

These pretty garden guests attract friendly garden spirits and faeries.  

Bonus?  Local wildflowers are pretty much bulletproof.  They choke out just about everything, and require zero pesticides, helping to establish a healthy habitat for wildlife.

Anoint Garden Statues with Spell OilAnoint garden gnomes with spell oil during the growing season, and other tips from a green witch!

Whether you’re a cute-little-gnome kind of person, or you have an epic stone statue of The Winged Victory in your backyard, anoint any statues or stone work with protection oil to dispel negative energy and intruders.

Some essential oils, like peppermint and rosemary, even repel garden pests.

Choose a few to learn to work with this season, and then come up with a few custom blends of your own.

Blessed be.


  1. Thank you for this amazing article! It’s just what I needed looking out my window onto a rainy cold WI morning.
    Planning my gardens will be a beautiful way to spend time this weekend.
    So grateful for you!

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