Ostara Ritual For Solitaries

Delicate spring botanicals, lemongrass, and farm-fresh eggs come together to create this beautiful Ostara ritual for solitaries.

Celebrate the Spring Equinox like a boss this year and welcome in the season of all things fresh and sweet.

Farm fresh or factory?

Spring Equinox Egg Ritual for Witchcraft

Of course, for this spell, feel free to use any eggs at your disposal.  But, if you want to make a lovely day of it, consider visiting a local farm to gather the eggs yourself by hand.

The experience of collecting your ritual ingredients from the source is a magical one in itself, and lends power to your rituals.

Things You Will Need

Part spell, part seasonal ritual, this magical activity incorporates traditional symbols of the Spring Equinox to channel the power of Ostara into manifesting your goals.

In modern witchcraft, practitioners generally regard the season of spring as a time to plan new projects and rejuvenate their creative energy.

This ritual empowers you to break free from the rigors of routine and drive forward into the renewed freshness of new beginnings. 

Whole, Raw Egg

In witchcraft, the egg symbolizes the fertility of creative potential. 

We include it here as a kind of spiritual fertilizer to jump-start the unfolding of the next chapter of your life.

Seeds or Seedling

New growth!  Nurturing the tenderness of new life!  This is the essence of Ostara.

In this spell, the seeds or seedlings symbolize the tenderness of newly begun projects, and the need to establish them more firmly in order to make progress.

You can use the seeds you already planned to include in your garden this year, or you can choose something with special meaning to your goals (for example, a peppermint plant for financial goals).

Lemongrass Essential Oil

The bright, fresh aroma of lemongrass clears the mind and spirit of old or stagnet energy.

We use it in this ritual to make room in our lives for growth.

Step 1

On the morning of the Spring Equinox, gather your ritual items.  In addition to the egg, seedling, and lemongrass oil, bring a pen or marker.

Find a quiet spot in your garden (or balcony, or whatever outdoor space you have).

Step 2

Think about your intentions for the coming season.  Decide on a symbol that represents these intentions (for example, a dollar sign for financial gain, or a heart for new romance).  You can design something elaborate and cryptic, or simply write a word that represents your goals to you. 

Draw the symbol on the egg.

Or, you can get super creative and decorate your egg with a temporary tattoo or transfer design.

Celtic Egg Decoration

Step 3

Take some time to contemplate your intentions.

Hold the egg in your hand and imagine it glowing a warm or gold color and feel its energy expanding into your aura.

Anoint the egg with 1 or 2 drops of lemongrass oil.

Step 4

Dig a hole where you plan to plant your seeds or seedling deep enough to accommodate the egg either with the seeds or near the roots of the seedling.

Place the egg in the hole and bury the seeds/seedling on top of it.

(It’s okay if the egg breaks when you bury it).

Step 5 

Nurture the seedling throughout the season, remaining mindful of what it represents.

Notice that the more attention you give it, the more your goal begins to manifest in your life more clearly.

Happy Ostara!

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Celebrate the Spring Equinox with this Ostara ritual for the solitary witch.

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