Before Bed Tarot Spread for Sweet Dreams

Try this tarot spread before you go to bed to reflect on the day and prepare for a night of sweet dreaming.

Doing a before-bed tarot spread helps to reflect on lessons learned, set your mind right for rest and prepare yourself for the day to come.

Try this tarot spread with your favorite, dreamy deck to unwind and align your spirit for rest, tranquility, and a rich dream life.

Setting the Mood

Before you draw this spread, take some time to unwind.  Draw a ritual bath, light some candles, or rub some dream salve on your temples to create an atmosphere of heightened spiritual awareness. 

Taking just 5-10 to build a framework for divination makes a huge difference in the quality of your reading.

Position 1 (Top Card):  Lesson of the Day

Each day of your life offers new insights and lessons upon which to build your wisdom and experience.

Look to this card for the main takeaway of today.  Got the Tower card?  Maybe today felt like a complete disaster, but when structure breaks down, new opportunities present themselves.  Got the Ace of Wands?  It might be a good time to follow through with that creative project you’ve had on your backburner for months.  

Whatever you draw, look past the obvious into the details of that card for how best to frame your experience of this day on Earth in a way you can build upon and move forward in the best possible light.

Position 2 (Bottom Left):  What to Let Go Of

If you struggle with a good night’s sleep, there’s an excellent chance you also struggle to let go.  Of the day, of the bills that need paying, of the distinctive feeling you forgot to answer an important email.

All of that will be waiting for you.  This is your time to rest.

Look to this card for the things that you are hanging on to needlessly and make a conscious effort to shelve them until the morning.

Position 3  (Bottom Right):  What to Look for In Your Dreams

Entering the world of dreams with intention helps to make your dreams richer, more vivid, and more powerful.

Draw this card for clues about what awaits you when you close your eyes.

Leave the cards out overnight.

When you wake up . . .

The next morning, take a quick glance at the Position 3 card.  Don’t wait.  Do it as soon as you get up.  Dreams dissipate extremely quickly.  You want to look when your dream life is still fresh in your mind.

Notice any details in the Position 3 card that trigger memories of your dreams or offer additional insight into their interpretation.  

Sweet dreams!

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Try this relaxing tarot spell before bed to unwind, process your day and ease your transition from waking life into the world of dreams.

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