Ostara Wishing Eggs Spell (Wooden Eggs Craft)

Ostara wishing egg spell with triple moon motif.

Using hollow wooden eggs, soft pastel paints and old costume jewelry, these crafty Ostara wishing eggs enchanted any spring magical event with a sparkle of fairy magic.

The best part?  This activity suits all ages.  Even the tiniest witchlette appreciates the wonder of “enchanted” eggs. 

Plan this activity as a solitary, or work with a coven to raise power during the spring festival season.

Let’s get started.

Cute idea to celebrate the spring equinox and ostara!

Triple moon spring equinox eggs.

Cute craft for Ostara.Ostara wishing eggs diy craft for the spring equinox.

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You can begin this spell either on the first full moon of spring, or on Ostara.  This year, Ostara just happens to be the first full moon of spring!

Supplies for Ostara Wishing Eggs Craft

6 hollow eggs.  I personally abhor plastic and avoid it whenever possible, especially in ritual.  Believe it or not, finding hollow wood eggs proved quite a challenge, but Amazon has some for purchase here.

Paint.  Choose soft pastels like pale pink, lavender and sky blue in honor of the early spring season.

Old costume jewelry.  We all, somewhere, have odd earrings with no mate.  Gather yours up and make use of them!  If you’re working in a group or coven, have a “costume jewelry potluck” and let everyone bring something different to the crafting table.  In this spell, costume jewelry symbolizes aspirations and putting your best foot forward.

Ribbon.   Pick a neutral ribbon that goes well with everything, like the lace and burlap ribbon above.  Or, bring an assortment.  You’ll want it to be about a half inch wide.

Biodegradable glitterMake sure to get biodegradable glitter only for this project, as we will be scattering outdoors.

Step 1

Paint eggs and set them out to dry.  This can take anywhere from 10 minutes to overnight depending on what kind of paint you use.  I painted the inside of my eggs with gold paint, and the outside with a soft pastel lavender.

Step 2

Make a wish for the coming season. You can simply think about your wish and visualize filling your egg with potential.  Or, actually write it on a piece of paper and place it inside the egg.

Step 3

Fill your egg about halfway with the glitter (aka “fairy dust”).

Step 4

Close the egg, then tie ribbon around the girth of the egg, and decorate the egg with mismatched jewelry or other odds and ends.

Step 5

Leave the egg in the full moonlight for one night, and then on the altar for one full moon cycle.  Whenever you see it or do other work at the altar, take a few moments to send positive thoughts its way.

Step 6

Once one full moon cycle is complete and is full again, go outside with your egg.  This part is best done during daylight, but you can shoot for around sunset if you want some time in the full moon light afterwards.

Cast a circle.

Hold the egg in your hand and briefly take a moment to recognize and be grateful for the wonderful things in your life.

Close your eyes and imagine the egg is glowing with your inner potential.

Unseal the egg, and gently scatter the glitter.

If you’re working with a coven, I recommend that you all release your glitter at the same time.  It creates a super magical vibe!  You can raise power by either chanting or staying totally silent.

As it floats and swirls in the air around you, imagine sending your wishful intentions into the world in good faith that they will bear fruit.

Blessed be.





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