Ostara Loose Incense Recipe with Chamomile & Mint

Easy ostara incense recipe.

With delicate florals and bright citrus aromas, this Ostara loose incense recipe smolders with spring magic.

Toss it in your spring bonfire or burn it in your altar cauldron on a charcoal disk to invite the new season into your sacred space.

Where to Get Charcoal Disks

If you’ve never burned loose incense before, you might be wondering where to get those charcoal disks to place in your cauldron or fire safe bowl.

Most occult or magic shops carry them, but not everyone has access to these specialty stores.

Alternatively, Amazon carries (affiliate link —–>) charcoal disks.

But the cheapest place I’ve found them is in Middle Eastern stores or markets that sell hookah supplies, so if you have one near you, check there first!

Magical Correspondences 

The light, bright scent of this blend calls to mind all the glory and freshness of spring.  Each ingredient symbolizes something uniquely beautiful about the season of spring.


This tea-friendly herb appears in many spring blends.  

In its fresh state, chamomile features a cheerful yellow center.  We use it in this blend to represent the days growing longer and the key role of sun magic in the months to come.


One of the first herbs to come bursting out of the soil in spring, mint represents new growth, potential and abundance.

Its bright green color and crisp aroma “spring cleans” the mind, body and soul.


The soft purple hue of lavender flower represents the traditional pastel color palette of spring.

Ostara eggs, spring dresses and seasonal decorations often feature lavender’s painterly color.

Additionally, lavender softens the spirit and dispels the tough mental fortitude needed to get through a harsh winter.


Although typically associated with love spells, rose also stirs the heart of the gardener.

Prized for its beauty and mourned for its fragile constitution in flower beds, the inclusion of roses in spring blends inspires us to work the land to make something lovely grow.

Orange Essential Oil

A potent citrus, orange essential oil inspires clarity of thought, creativity and the foresight of careful planning.

We add it here to remind us that we reap what we sow, and spring is the time to get sowing!!

Beautiful loose incense recipe for the Spring Equinox.

You Will Need

(Please note:  This section may contain affiliate links for your convenience.)

-3 parts dried mint

-2 parts chamomile 

-2 parts dried lavender 

-1 part dried tea roses

-8-10 drops orange essential oil

Step 1

Blend all the dry ingredients together.

Finish by add orange essential oil.

Stir to combine.

Step 2

Use within 3-4 months.

Here are some creative ideas:

-Fill some pretty drawstring bags with this blend and give them away as party favors at your Ostara gathering.

-Add a glass jar of Ostara incense to a spring gift basket for a friend.

-Burn on a charcoal disk in your cauldron after you finish your spring cleaning to energize your home with the inspiring magic of spring.

-Toss some in a spring bonfire to welcome to season.

-Place a bowl of this blend as a centerpiece on your Ostara or Easter table.  Smells amazing and looks beautiful!

Ostara DIY Loose Incense Recipe for the Spring Equinox

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