Ancestor Oil: Reaching Across the Veil Between Worlds

Whip up a batch of ancestor oil to connect with your roots and renew your relationship with those who came before you.

During the season of autumn, the Veil Between Worlds begins to thin, making it an optimal time to focus on ancestor magic and ritual.

Use this DIY recipe as is, or modify it for your personal heritage.

What is ancestor oil?

Ancestor oil (veil oil) recipe to connect with the dead, the spirit world and to enhance divination or paranormal investigations.

Ancestor oil is a ritual oil used to enhance your connection to the Other Side.

Anoint your divination tools, incorporate it in your Samhain ritual or use it to honor your ancestors.

Easy to make and customize for your personal practice.

Customizing this recipe.

When modifying this recipe, take into consideration how ingredients you add or subtract effect the aroma.

Experiment with ratios and combinations to avoid a foul-smelling recipe.  Nothing kills the mood of a ritual like a bad blend of herbs and essential oils.

That said, consider adding herbs and oils regional to your ancestral heritage for a more personalized ritual oil.

If you don’t know what grows in your ancestral homeland, a little research turns up many creative ideas.

For example, if your ancestors hail from the South of France, dried lavender is an appropriate choice.

Or, if your great-grandmother immigrated from the Caribbean or Central America, allspice makes a lovely addition.

You get the idea.

Meaning of the ingredients.

We use the ingredients in this recipe for their association with the past, the spirit world and our relationship with the Other Side.


If you grew up in the South, there’s a reasonable chance you remember your grandmother’s cedar chest.

Sometimes called a “hope chest,” this box, usually made of cedar wood, contained items for a young girl’s dowry or to supply her married life.  Often, girls were encouraged to fill this chest with their own handmade quilts, needlework and other domestic crafts.

The use of cedar for such a chest discouraged insects from nesting (ew) and preserved plush items from mildew.

From this tradition, many associate the scent of cedar with history, the past and ghostly spirits.


Although most typically associated with romance, rose also served as a mourning herb in Greek mythology.

(And makes regular appearances in historical Victorian literature).

We add it here for its associated with the dead, and also because it encourages friendly spirits to congregate and dispels negative entities.


With its powerful and ancient historical use in spiritual affairs, frankincense aids in exorcisms and prevents malevolent  entities from entering the sacred space.

When working to connect to the spirit world, frankincense creates a welcoming environment for cheerful, well-intentioned souls and an inhospitable one for those who seek to harm the practitioner.  


The ancient Egyptians used cinnamon during the mummification process.

Considered an herb of the dead, we add cinnamon to this blend as a sacred offering and to honor those who came before us.

Ancestor Oil Recipe 

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*1.5 ounces carrier oil (olive, jojoba, ect)

*30 drops rose essential oil

*18 drops cedar essential oil

*12 drops frankincense oil

*5 drops cedar essential oil

*optional:  add a small piece of turquoise to the bottom 


In a clean glass bottle, blend all the ingredients together.  Shake gently.

Leave under the dark moon for one night.

To use, consider any of the following ideas:

*Anoint a scrying mirror to enhance divination

*Add a few drops to a dream spell jar

*Include a few drops to strengthen the power of a dream salve.

*Use it as an anointing oil during rituals to honor the dead.

*Pour some on the grave of a deceased loved on as a sign of respect or for libation.

*Anoint doors and windows to dispel negative spirits without chasing away the “good ghosts” during a paranormal investigation.

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