Pumpkin Spice Samhain Ritual Bath Soak Recipe

Set a mystical mood for your Samhain ritual this year.  This DIY ritual bath soak incorporates autumn-y ingredients like coffee, pumpkin spice, and vanilla.

Ritual baths lay the foundation for spiritual work.  Creating a bath soak with seasonal items appropriate to the Sabbat adds a layer of unmistakably magical energy.

Come with me!  Let’s prepare to work across the Veil Between Worlds.  

Samhain ritual bath soak.

Meaning of the Ingredients

Of course, recipes for ritual and spell work always contain layers of meaning in their ingredients.  Knowing the meaning is important!  The symbolic use of natural elements provides foundational support for energy work.

Pumpkin Pie Spice

We never get through October without using this autumn staple.

A combination of the most seasonal baking spices, pumpkin pie spice is autumn in a jar.


Did you even know coffee essential oil was a thing?  If you’ve never used this amazing, unbelievable creation in your homemade bath products before, it’s really time to start.

Coffee promotes creative efforts and inspires new ideas.

Many practitioners regard Samhain as the witch’s new year.   So, it’s time to retire old ways of thinking and move forward with renewed insight.

Dry Milk

Milk represents the nourishing energy that gets us through the coming months of darkness.

Himayalan Pink Salt

This beautiful form of rock salt offers protection from negative vibrations.  During the month of Samhain, as the Veil Between Worlds thins, it becomes essential to protect your energy from negativity.


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-3 parts dried milk

-2 parts pumpkin pie spice

-1 part instant coffee

-1 part Himalayan pink salt

-6-8 drops vanilla essential oil

-3-6 drops coffee essential oil


Choose a clean glass jar that is tall and narrow for the best visual effect.

Begin with one layer of dry milk. 

Then, add a layer of pumpkin pie spice.  Add several drops of vanilla essential oil.

Add another layer of dry milk.

Then, add a layer of instant coffee, with several drops of coffee essential oil.

Continue layering in this order until you fill the jar.  

Finally, top the soak off with a generous layer of Himalayan pink salt.

Using Your Salts

On the night of Samhain (or the October full moon), draw a hot bath.  Add bath soak and any other oils or ritual items you like.

Soak and meditate on any loved ones who have crossed over.  If you want, you can ask to receive messages from them in your dreams that night.

Rinse off completely. 

If you have a Samhain ritual planned, now is the time to do it.

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