What is the Veil Between Worlds?

What is the Veil Between Worlds? Explore and connect with the "world beyond sight".

With Samhain approaching, references to the “Veil Between Worlds” and it’s mythical “thinning” frequently appear in articles, books and discussions about this season of transition and change.

But what is the Veil Between Worlds?  How do we work with it in spell craft or use it to progress on our magical path?  And why is it so emphasized during the fall months?

Today, we explore this mysterious Veil and learn some ways to connect more deeply with the unseen world.

Veil Between Worlds:  Drawing Back the Curtain

“The Veil” (sometimes referred to as a doorway, window or gateway) symbolizes a thin, permeable barrier between the material world and the spiritual realm.   

On one side of this Veil, we experience all of our conscious encounters—-the mundane, every day existence familiar to our waking life.

And on the other side lies the spiritual world and the underlying forces that drive life like the current of a river drives the direction of a boat. 

Communicating with spirits of the dead, influencing the unseen forces of darkness and light during spell work, astral travel—-all of these things involve crossing this metaphorical borderland and blending it with life on this side.

“So . . . what does that have to do with Samhain?”

The autumn months on the Wheel of the Year represent a season of death, transition and change. 

During this time, many around the world believe that the Veil Between Worlds thins, becoming more permeable.   

This makes fall—-particularly the time between Mabon and Samhain—an ideal moment for reaching across this barrier. 

You probably are aware that people often try to conduct seances on Samhain or Halloween.  This (somewhat precarious) activity is popular on All Hallow’s Eve because it is considered a opportune time to communicate with the dead.

But that isn’t the only way to take advantage of this key moment.

Try one of these other ideas to make the most of the Samhain season.

Make a batch of Veil Oil.

Whip up a batch of Veil Oil to anoint tools, candles and yourself during the Samhain season.

Get a pretty bottle (smoky glass is especially nice).

Fill the bottle with carrier oil, like olive or jojoba.

Then try any of the following “spirit herbs”:





Adjust ratios until you’re happy with the scent.

Honor your ancestors.

I love that my mother took the time to trace our ancestry.   As a result, every year at Samhain, I set up an altar to my ancestors with their photos.

Even if you don’t know your lineage, you can still take this time to honor your ancestors.  

Consider the ways in which your tradition recognizes the deceased.  

If nothing stands out to you, go outside and bring a stool or find a small, flat surface (like a tree stump).  Cover it with a piece of black cloth.  In the center, place a fire safe bowl or cauldron with a charcoal disk.  Light it and burn some cinnamon or allspice. 

Ask for the assistance of your ancestors in your life’s work.  As the smoke drifts upwards, imagine it carries with it your message to those beyond The Veil.  Consider leaving an offering of rum or cakes. 

Gather graveyard dirt.

With many protection spells calling for the use of graveyard dirt, take advantage of the thinning of the Veil Between Worlds to gather enough for the next year.

Simply visit a cemetery or graveyard (the older and prettier the better!) and place some fresh dirt in a glass jar.

Seal tightly and save for later use.

Host a dumb supper.

If you’ve never tried a dumb supper before, Samhain is the season to give it a go.

Gather some friends who are just as weird as you are.

Have everyone bring a traditional fall dish.  Here’s a few Samhain dishes to try:

Cauldron Brew Octoberfest Beer Stroganoff

Black Magic Martinis 

Samhain Ritual Cakes

Autumn Abundance Boards

Upside Down Witch Cakes

Try a new kind of divination.

Much like divination during the dark moon, the time between Mabon and Samhain produces ideal conditions for experimenting with divination.

If you know the Runes forwards and backwards, but avoid more complex systems like the Tarot, consider giving them a try.

The thinner spiritual Veil may make it easier to interpret divination systems more easily.

What is the Veil Between Worlds? A quick crash course on how to make the most of the thinning of the veil during the autumn/Samhain season.

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