9 Alluring Love Spell Herbs

9 Love spell herbs and how to use them.

The use of love spell herbs endures as one of the most ancient forms of magic.  

Coptic Egyptians wrote elaborate rituals in cuneiform to both attract romance and to put it asunder. 

Hellenistic Greeks wore amulets to seduce lovers.  

In modern life, we use every trick of the eye, from makeup to satin lingerie, to “cast the spell.”

So today, I share with you 9 classic love herbs/spices to expand your knowledge and your magical apothecary.

The Ethics of Love Spells

Love spells tend to insight particularly thorny ethical debates among magical practitioners.  

Some people see nothing at all wrong with them, while others find the whole idea entirely contrary to their principles.

Most agree that spells to attract a non-specific person into your life poses little threat to your moral constitution, but you need to think for yourself and make your own decisions.  

Today, our examination of love spell herbs and spices is purely for your magical education. 

Use them, or don’t them.  No judgement here.


In modern magic, roses (especially red or pink) are perhaps the most widely recognized of the love spell herbs.

Sacred to Aphrodite, these flirtations darlings of the summer garden enhance charisma, enchantment and passion.

Dried or fresh, ground or whole, use them in any spell for this purpose.


Not just for making bruschetta and bangin’ pasta sauce, add basil to your love spells for a high-impact essence that draws devotion and heals emotional rifts in existing relationships.

Interestingly, basil also repels unwanted love interests and drives off ill-advised suitors.

Get to know this complex and versatile little herb for its unique properties.

French Lavender 

Dried lavender is a beautiful addition to any witchy cupboard.

If a weekend at a chateau in the South of France sounds like a romantic getaway to you, try french lavender in your next love potion to enhance soft feelings of affection and endearment.

The perfumed aroma of lavender so captivated the Egyptians that Cleopatra used it to seduce her unwitting lovers.

Add it to attraction baths, oils and potions for a potent flare.


If you crave a spicy, passionate love, cinnamon evokes the power and mystery of an intoxicating romance.

With its reputation for heightening spiritual awareness, cinnamon tends to inspire relationships with an otherworldly, ethereal quality not easily stabilized.

Use caution with this one!  Cinnamon symbolizes the kind of flaming love affair that burns bright and then burns out.


All herbs vibrate with their own unique energy signature.

Rosemary emits a protective vibe, making it the ideal herb to use in love spells to guard yourself from getting hurt in new or unknown relationships.

Planning a romantic meal at home with a new lover?  Toss some rosemary in your starring dish to keep a tender heart protected.


The earthy, warm scent of patchouli cultivates deep, lasting relationships stable enough for establishing a hearth and home together.

In the market for marriage material?  Patchouli aids would-be brides in seeking their lifelong partners.

Add it to sachets and charms for long-term love.


Like cinnamon, ginger promotes a lustier kind of love ruled by unbridled passion. 

For the kind of mad love that keeps you up at night fantasizing about your next encounter, include ginger root in tinctures, teas and tonics.

Or, throw it in a love spell bag with some rose quartz and pink salts.


Lemon peel and lemon juice are little-known ingredients in love spells.

Looking to turn a close friendship into something more?

Known for its down-to-earth, cheerful, easy-going nature, lemon makes an ideal addition to a spell for the friendly kind of love that you can take on vacation and go paddle-boating with.

Know what I mean?


If you ever experienced the warm, feverish scent of nutmeg baking in your oven, you know it pulses with a slow burning intensity.

Its effects on love and romance reflect its smooth, sensual nature.

Include nutmeg in love spells to dispel the awkwardness of new love and smooth out a stammering tongue.

Ways to Use Love Spell Herbs & Spices

There are an infinite number of ways to use love spell herbs in magic.  Here are just a few ideas.


Poppets (aka “Voodoo dolls”—a misnomer, since they play almost no role in the practice of Voodoo) are a form of sympathetic magic.  

What is sympathetic magic?  It’s almost easier to give you an example than to try and define it clearly.  In the case of the poppet, if you stuff it with healing herbs expecting the person it represents to receive healing benefits as a result, that’s sympathetic magic.  The real life version of the object “sympathizes” with the sacred version.

Stuff a love poppet with lavender, rose and/or cloves to attraction romance into your life.

Attraction Baths

Use caution when selecting herbs for attraction baths!  Basil and lemon peel usually work well, provided you aren’t allergic to them.

But too much cinnamon essential oils will surely leave you with red, irritated skin in some delicate areas.  Not a fun way to start date night!

That said, attraction bath spells promote a healthy sense of confidence for seduction.

Potions & Infusions

If you love mixing up potions and essential oil blends, consider experimenting with the essential oil version of these love spell herbs.

Or, for an infusion, steep them in a strong liquor (like Everclear) for 2-6 weeks (the longer the better).  Strain it and dab on your wrists to draw attraction.

Don’t like messing with alcohol?  Brew love herbs into a tea on the stove.  Choose one or two love herbs (hopefully that compliment each other in flavor and energy) and place them in a tea strainer and boil for 3-5 minutes.

Drink and enjoy!

Hang them over the bed.

If you happen to have a whole, uncut form of the herb (say, a bouquet of roses), then simply hang them to dry over your bed and allow their energy to drain into your little love nest.

Great for inspiring passion the bedroom.

At the very least, it makes for some spicy trips to dreamland!

9 alluring love spell herbs to try and how to use them.


  1. When discussed about poppets “as known as voodoo doll” that isn’t culturally accurate…you need state that voodoo dolls are apart of closed practices and should NOT be confused with poppets due to the cultural history…please make sure to fix that. remember to appreciate cultures and not appropriate.

    1. Um, did you not read the article, Kylee? The writer literally states that the term “voodoo doll” is a misnomer and that they play little to no role in the practice of Southern American voodoo. Before you lecture others about “cultural appropriation,” you should probably take the time to “appreciate” what you’re talking about.

      Voodoo is, indeed, a closed culture.

      “Voodoo dolls,” however, are mostly a practice belonging to European folk magic.

      Which I’m guessing is why the author pointed it out—-quite correctly.

      Simply stating historical facts is not “cultural appropriation.”

      Please make sure to fix that.

  2. I never took into account that ginger can also be used for love spells because they can promote a last-year kind of love with unbridled passion. I will share this information with my sister because it might help her to have an idea of what herbs she should be choosing when seeing a professional in that kind of industry or practice. Because she is really interested in this certain boy or guy in a class that she is attending.

  3. This post beautifully captures the essence and allure of using love spell herbs, weaving together historical practices with modern-day applications in a way that feels both enchanting and accessible.

    The ethical considerations surrounding love spells are thoughtfully presented, encouraging readers to reflect on their beliefs and intentions. Each herb’s description is rich with detail, highlighting its magical properties and offering practical advice on incorporating them into spells and rituals. Including ways to use these herbs adds a valuable dimension, making the magical feel tangible and achievable. Overall, the post is a delightful blend of informative and inspiring, perfect for seasoned practitioners and those new to the magical world of love herbs.

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