10 Ways to Use Ginger in Witchcraft

Versatile, powerful and beautifully fragrant, ginger’s use in witchcraft, its magical properties and its metaphysical benefits make this fiery spice must-have in any practitioners cabinet.  Chances are, it’s already in yours!  Let ginger help you fight nightmares, inspire romance and heal stomach ailments.  Take a look at the list below for some creative ideas on how to use this powerful ingredient to “heat up” your magical practice!

How to Use Ginger in Witchcraft

Include in spells for situations that require immediate attention.

Ginger enjoys a legendary reputation for accelerating spell craft, find a way to incorporate into matters you want expedited.

Throw a piece into an attraction spell bag.

Inspire passion and bring “heat” into a relationship with the help of ginger in a spell bag.

Boil ginger in your cauldron.

Warm the hearth and home with this magical brew.  Include some nutmeg and cinnamon stick for the yummiest, most heart-warming aroma ever!

Fill up your chalice with real, natural ginger ale.

During fall and winter Sabbats to cultivate warmth between coven members and family.

Chew on a piece to inspire confidence.

Feeling sheepish before a big presentation?  In need of a dose of bravery before a first date?  If you plan to go way outside your comfort zone, chew on some ginger root beforehand to stir your courage.

Include in healing poppets for stomach ailments.

Of course, you should always seek medical attention for medical matters, but I firmly believe sickness has a spiritual component as well.  With its reputation for soothing upset stomachs, this spice is an appropriate addition to poppets and spells for this purpose.

Stop nightmares.

Place a piece of ginger under your child’s bed (or even sew it into a cherished stuffed animal) to halt nightmares in their tracks and inspire a sense of safety and protection at bedtime.

Make an infusion out of it.

Sprinkle it on something you want to banish.  To make an infusion, boil a piece of the root in water for 10-20 minutes.  Sprinkle in cigarettes, candy, a photo of someone you want out of your life, ect.

Use it in kitchen witch spells for “spicing up” long term relationships.

You know what they say about men and their stomachs.  Get into his heart and consider using ginger in meals for your anniversary, Valentine’s, hand fasting or other romantic occasions.

Honor your fire sign.

Ruled by the Element of Fire, this spice ignites the best qualities of a fire sign.  Carry it with you or leave it on the altar to embolden your fire sign.




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