9 Sacred Protection Herbs & Spices to Know

Sacred protection herbs used in witchcraft that you can find easily at the farmer's market or grocery store.

Protection herbs, flowers, and plants are a universal feature of witchcraft all around the world.  This archetypal element of folk magic addresses a primal human need to feel safe and guarded by the unseen forces of the spiritual realm.

And though many venture deep into the jungle or brave the parched wastelands of the desert to find protection herbs, spices or resins prized for their protective properties, most of us need look no further than our kitchens.

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Think of the “spikes” on a piece of rosemary like a spikes on road strip.  It’s not an offensive measure—it’s defensive.  If you lay a spike strip down and someone chooses to ignore it, steaming rolling over it anyway, that’s  . . . kind of on them.

Use rosemary in witchcraft to ward off would-be negative energy.  Try planting it by your front door to keep icky vibes from crossing the threshold.  Or, simply sprinkle some dry rosemary around the points of entry of your home (windows, doors, ect.)


If you ever read Dracula, you likely recall that the book mythologized garlic as a protective herb against vampires.  This classic novel taps into garlic’s deep folkloric roots a magical herb of protection.

Place a clove of garlic on each of the four Elemental corners of your sacred space to keep it sealed off from harmful energy.


The woody-spicy scent of cinnamon continues to fill sacred spaces around the world as it has for thousands of years.

Burn cinnamon on a charcoal disk to create of “cloud of protection” during rituals, spells and moon festivals.

Because of its association with the departed, cinnamon also makes an excellent protection herb (well, technically, a protection spice) during paranormal investigations, ghost hunting, exorcisms, and spells or rituals to contact the dead.


Basil!  Its sweet, aromatic scent fills any kitchen with a fragrant burst of summer.

Among basil’s many magical properties, its protective qualities, as well as its reputation for romance, make it especially useful in spells to protect the heart from hurt in matters of love.

Wear basil essential oil blends when beginning a new relationship to keep guard over your heart.


A staple in the kitchen witch’s cabinet, cloves famously protect against malicious gossip.

Use cloves for protection against social cattiness, harmful back-talk or to swing office politics in your favor.

Be sure to support this positive energy by not engaging in gossip yourself!  Remember, it allllll comes back around.


Of all the most common protection herbs, allspice stands out as one of the best additions to spell bags for protection.

As a practical matter, allspice’s pebble-like shape and appearance lends itself well to pouches.  It doesn’t break down as easily or get messy as some of the more leafy options.

Try including it in a spell bag along with a piece of obsidian and a lock of your own hair.


Prized for its versatile magical properties,, it famously protects against nightmares.

Place a piece of ginger under your child’s bed if they suffer from nightmares to reassure them they are safe.

Or, if your own bedroom gives you the creeps at night, burn ginger incense once a month during the dark moon.  Then, open the windows and let it air out.


Garden sage (as opposed to the white sage commonly found in smudge wands) is a general, all-purpose protection herb.

However, it’s especially useful in spells to guard against foolishness or poor reasoning, either on your own part, or someone else’s.

Or, in the case of quarreling friends, both.

Use sage to steady your mind and protect you from the kind of faulty thinking that leads to poor decisions and deep regret.

Star Anise

Burn star anise on a charcoal disk to protect the home or sacred space from negativity and dark energy.

Also makes a great addition to protection spell bags and car charms.

9 protection herbs to keep on hand in your magical cabinet.

Herbs and spices used in protection magick that you probably have in your cupboard right now.


  1. I’ve been a practicing witch for a couple of years ,this is what I do. The inside window sills I sprinkle powder cloves and outside all my windows I sprinkle salt. Because of where I live there are alot of people and lots of children that constantly run across my porch every week I wash it with a mixture of pine sol ginger salt and vinegar.

  2. I’m a starter witch, me and my best friend do this together. When it comes to herbs, would it be better to have fresh or dried?

  3. I have a favorite space at a park that suddenly has become a favorite of another couple. Plan to lay rosemary around my space. Any other suggestions? Thank you so much. I spend time here daily with the birds and squirrels (Feeding then as well) and these people have hindered that greatly.

    1. I suggest not letting them become your enemy. If it’s a public park, then all are welcome so they aren’t doing anything wrong. And if you really intend to harm no one, then trying to prevent others from using a publicly available area, simply because you’ve claimed it as your own space, isn’t a good idea. You can always find another spot, or seek out a friend that would let you use their land if you haven’t any for yourself.

  4. Auurrr, this one has hyssop…. Why has nobody hyssop?
    It is usefull for occult purr-pose and medicine…
    And sage i do collect very special ones. (No, dont have native white sage. But salvia elegans which is very special. Drinking tea from it seem to make me feel more power. The smell is special too. Then normal sage, clary sage…. Maybe i will have glue-sage too)

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