How to Make a Spell Bag for Travel

Try this spell bag for travel and attract new adventures this year!

Planning a trip?  Or, perhaps you want to travel, but the thought of moving outside your comfort zone gets in the way of actually taking the steps to make it happen?

Dig into your magical cabinet and get cracking with this creative way to attract a charmed adventure.

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how to make a spell bag for travel

It makes a perfect, lightweight little charm that easily packs into your suitcase, personal bag, or to hang from the rear view mirror on road trips.  Enjoy!


Include a coin as an offering for safe passage in your travels.  When you arrive at your destination, find an appropriate place to leave it behind (a fountain, a donation box, in a child’s piggybank, ect).

Personal Item

Traditional spell bags include a personal item to tie you to the bag.  Hair, a photograph, or a well-worn piece of jewelry work.


This stone is said to ease jet lag, “smooth out” business travel, and protect drivers on crowded interstates.

Tiger’s Eye

Known for promoting confidence and fiercely protective, this stone encourages bold strides outside your comfort zone on your adventure.

Sage Leaf

When you travel, you typically need to make many more judgement calls about the people and situations you encounter than when you are on autopilot your homespun environment where most of the characters/circumstances are familiar to you.  Carry sage leaf in your spell back to encourage wise decision making.  (For more ideas on this awesome herb, check out 10 Magickal Uses for Sage.)


This classic protection herb packs your spell bag with extra punch, enhancing and supporting the protective energies of tiger’s eye and malachite.  A little pinch will do!  As an added bonus, it makes the car smell amazing!

Sources:  Crystal Vaults (Malachite)

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