Ritual Offerings for Spell Craft & How To Use Them

9 magical offering ideas for spell craft and how to use them.

Offerings to the gods to express spiritual gratitude is an ancient practice. 

Make an offering to a deity, or simply “the Universe,” as a way to enhance spell work or your relationship with the divine.  It’s a simple, natural act that’s as old as temple dust.

Try one of these lovely, accessible ideas for your next ritual.

What are offerings?  And why make one?

An offering is a sacrifice made to a higher power to express gratitude.

Offerings are often mistaken as transactional.  However, an offering is not a form of payment in exchange for a desire.

Instead, offerings are best thought of as an act of devotion.  In other words, it’s a simple, mindful way to draw awareness to your relationship with the divine with something tangible.

You can make an offering during spell work or ritual.  Or any time you want to be filled with a sense of gratitude and light.

Today, let’s talk about some simple offerings and how to use their magical correspondences.  


Why do we still cut flowers from the garden or pick up a bouquet at the market when we can just get silk ones that last?  Because fresh flowers are glorious—and then they fade.   

And that fleeting moment of beauty makes them something a reminder to live in the moment.

The transitory nature of fresh-cut flowers is exactly what makes them special. 

Make an offering of flowers for almost any spell, taking care to choose them with intention.  Red roses for love spells, wildflowers for faerie magic, or sunflowers to attract abundance.

Smoke & Incense

An old favorite of the temple gods in the ancient world, incense smoke is prized for its mystical qualities for a good reason.

Burning of incense is an inherently spiritual experience that heightens otherworldly awareness and divine communion.  

Burn offerings of incense before dream magic to deepen your communication with the spirit world and unlock the power of your unconscious mind.


Certainly, music is among the most evocative and magical of all human art forms.  

Make an offering of a song to release an emotion like grief or sorrow to heal old wounds and seek comfort in divine experience.


Apples are traditionally an offering for love spells or to dispel temptation.

No garden grove evokes a richer, more beautiful folk tradition that an apple orchard full of fruit-laden trees.

The apple is a common ingredient in spellcraft and has many magical uses.  But there’s nothing like using it in a classic love spell!

For example, leave an apple near a romantic lookout as an offering if you are seeking to attract love or romance.  

Or, burn dried apples in a bonfire to dispel temptation if you’re trying to break a bad habit.  


Sometimes called “liquid gold,” honey is a precious source of light & nourishment.

So, make an offering of honey to soothe sadness and drag the light back into your life.

Wine or Liquor

Make an offering of wine or liquor to the gods for a deeply healing spiritual experience.

Make offerings of wine or liquor to the dead.

It’s a beautiful way to honor the anniversary of the death of a loved one, or during the season of Samhain to commune with ancestors.


Got a collection of seashells?  If you practice sea witchery, but don’t live near the beach, make an offering of seashells next time you do an ocean-based ritual.

Seashells are perfect as an offering during rituals for purification or cleansing.   For instance, an offering of seashells to dispel anger or let go of regret.

Baked Goods

Altar offerings of baked goods are a common feature for the holidays.  For example, during the season of Lammas, offerings of bread are common. 

But you can make an offering of any baked good, from cookies to muffins to pretty much anything that rises in the oven.

Baked goods are a great offering for spells or rituals of manifestation or growth.

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  1. Witchcraft’s dietary standards, a sacred dance,

    Respecting life’s balance, a mindful stance.

    Honoring the interconnectedness we share,

    Choosing sustenance with utmost care.

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