11 Ways to Use Seashells in Witchcraft & Spells

Some creative ways to use seashells in witchcraft. Perfect for after a trip to the beach!

As the moon draws the sea skyward, its waves cast the treasures of the ocean on beaches all over the world.  If you spent some time collecting altar decorations shore side this summer, put your seashells to good use!

Try one of these 11 ideas for using shells in witchcraft.

Draw down the moon.

The gravitational pull of the Earth’s closes celestial body is so powerful, it causes waves to crash on every coastline in the world.

These waves wash up the ocean’s beautiful treasures.  Seashells are the result of the force of the moon on the world around us.  They arrive where you find them on the beach because of the moon’s colossal force.

Line your sacred circle with seashells when drawing down the moon or during full moon rituals.

Release something.

Write something you want to let go of on a seashell—a person, a job, or even a thought.

During the waning moon, toss the shell into the ocean.

Walk away and don’t look back.

Create a sea witch altar.

If you live near a coastline, are a water sign (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) or you work with the Element of Water often, consider devoting a space in your home for a sea witch altar.

Pile on seashells high to bring the spirit of the ocean into your sacred space.

Place seashells in the western corner of your circle.

Water rules the western direction.

Seashells symbolize the treasures hidden deep beneath the ocean’s surface.

When casting your circle, place seashells in the western corner.

Meditation seashells.

If you love using your fine art skills in magic (or just want to try it for the first time), try using seashells as a base for an art spell.

Need some ideas?

Check out these amazing “zen” seashells for some magical, meditative art therapy.

Dry cleansing.

Try storing magical tools with seashells to clear negative energy.

This technique is particular useful for tools that cannot have contact with water, like your tarot cards.

Add them to your witchy candle-making.

If you make your own candles for spell casting, incorporate your collection of seashells into your craft.

Try this gorgeous tutorial for turning seashells into tea candles.

Or, press candles into the base of a pillar candle while the wax is still warm.

Use them in love spell.

In love and attraction spells, the Element of Water rules emotions and matters of the heart.

Include a small seashell in an attraction spell bag.

When working with the goddess Aphrodite.

If you work with Aphrodite, honor her with an offering of seashells.

In particular, oyster shells represent the deep, hidden beauty of womanhood and the feminine divine.

Make a set of runes.

Collect 24 shells of roughly the same size.

Then, use a fine-tipped black marker to draw a runic symbol on each one.

Voila!  Your set of runes is not only unique, it’s infused with your creative energy.

Add them to ritual baths.

Infuse your ritual bath experience with the magic of the ocean.

Surround your tub with seashells, add some sea salt to the water and indulge in a ritual bath that draws on the oceanic energy of sea magic.

How to use seashells in witchcraft. Love all of these!


  1. I wish you guys would start talking about the other types of shells, freshwater clams, snails, even land snails. I collect them ethically, finding the empty shells, and would like to learn more about those.

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