Using Honey in Witchcraft, Spells & Magic

Using honey in witchcraft, magic and spells is an easy, beautiful way to make the most of the sweet stuff.

Often called the “nectar of the gods,” honey is liquid magic in a jar.  Many modern witches consider honey a sacred substance, and the bees that make it messengers of the spirit world.

Bring the magic of this gooey, golden liquid into your spellcraft with one of the ideas below.

Choosing honey for witchcraft, spells, and magic.

The process of selecting honey for spell work offers you an opportunity to cultivate a richer, deeper relationship with this special syrup.

If possible, consider going to a local honey or wildflower farm to purchase it.

The beekeeper will be happy to answer your questions about their product, including what kind of flowers the bees made it from.

Use this information to specify your spell intentions.

Lavender honey works exceptionally well for dream spells.  Citrus honey promotes cleansing and clears negativity.  Wildflower honey makes a great all-purpose spell ingredient.

Honey cakes.

Honey cakes are a traditional Litha/Summer Solstice treat.

Make a batch from scratch and leave them out for the summer woodland sprites, or serve them to your family to celebrate the light and magic of the longest day of the year.

In spell jars.

Add this liquid gold to spell jars for love to “sweeten” a romance, or a jar to remove bitterness between friends and heal the relationship after an argument.  

Try a spell jar with honey and roses for love or calendula flowers for friendship.

Drinkable potions.

If you never tried making a drinkable potion, I encourage you to begin your journey with magical cocktails this weekend!

Add the sweet stuff to a cocktail to full your chalice and tie the binds of sisterhood during your next coven ritual.

Ritual soap.

Add this sweet treat to bars of ritual soap (try this wildflower milk & honey ritual soap!)

Nourishes skin and soothes the soul!

Perfect for summer bars or bars to soothe spiritual tiredness.

Dream salves.

Add a teaspoon or two to your next batch of dream salve to enhance dreaming for visions.

Honey’s link to the unseen world of prophecy and friendly spirits aids those seeking powerful dream experiences.

As an offering.

Leave a jar steeped with appropriate magical herbs in the forest as an offering to the spirits of the woodlands.

Mix it with:

-Rosemary for protection

-Roses for love

-Mint for prosperity

-Lavender for healing

Or, just leave it plain and ask to be blessed with joy or help you find a lost object.

In spirit communication.

Many practitioners consider bees messengers between worlds.

Around the time of the Summer Solstice, go outside and set up an outdoor altar.

On a piece of paper, write a message for a loved one who has passed beyond The Veil.  

Pour a little honey into a cauldron or fire-safe dish.  Light the paper on fire, and toss it into the cauldron.  

Don’t worry if the honey extinguishes it.  Simply watch the smoke rise and ask the Queen of Bees to carry your message to the world beyond this life.

For healing.

This nutrient-dense substance promotes healing (especially the wounds of spiritual trauma).

If you find yourself struggling to navigate through a loss or the grieving process, use honey regularly in your magical teas or bathwater to as a spiritual salve for the aches and pains of life.

In fairy magic.

Leave a dish of honey outdoors near the edge of the woods as an offering to the fairies.

Ask them for guidance or to enhance the quality of your dream life.


Use this delightful liquid in spells for manifestation.

Working long and hard on a major project?  Feel like you’re spinning your wheels, but getting nowhere?  Place a jar on your altar to bring your efforts to fruition.

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