10 Ways to Use Sunflowers in Witchcraft

Bold, fleeting and beautiful, sunflowers empower magic with their showy display of vibrancy.  From fertility magic to solar rituals, bring this flower into your witchcraft practice while their season lasts!

How to use sunflowers in witchcraft, magick and spells.

Embolden your courage.

The head of a sunflower bears a striking resemblance to a lion’s mane.  Pull the strength card from a deck of tarot cards and place it at the base of a vase of sunflowers to renew your courage, dispel shyness or empower you to take bold steps towards uncertainty.

Bless a friendship.

Sunflowers symbolize longevity in friendship.  Throw a piece of rose quartz in the bottom of a tall vase, fill it with sunflowers and give it to a friend with whom you hope to keep lifelong ties.

Brighten the sick room.

Chase out negative energy from a sick room with a large bouquet of sunflowers.  With their richly solar vibes, they make a great spiritual “disinfectant” for someone worn weary by illness.

Evoke the God aspect.

The sun typically symbolizes the male aspect of the dual god/goddess archetype in neopaganism.  Use sunflowers on the altar to represent the divine masculine in ritual.

Adorn a summer handfasting.

Sunflowers are associated with loyalty and lifelong relationships.  If you’re planning a handfasting during the months of July or August, consider making the sunflower prominent in flower arrangements or wear one in your hair to bless your handfasting for strength and stability.  (You may also like 40 Ideas for Your Handfasting.)


Sunflower oil makes a great massage oil for skin-to-skin healing rituals and treatments, especially with respect to grief and sadness.  Gently warm on the stove and massage warm (not hot!) sunflower oil into skin to ease the spiritual imbalances associated with loss, rejection or disappointment.

Use in fertility rites.

The abundance of the sunflower’s seed production make it a premium ingredient in fertility rites.  (For ethical issues associated with fertility magic, please see the article “Spring Infertility Rites.”)  Include the seeds in mojo bags for fertility or keep a jar near the marital bed when trying to conceive.

Include them on your harvest table.

With Lammas, the first harvest festival on the Wheel of the Year, generally falling within the season of the sunflower, this gorgeous, showy flower makes a classic addition to the harvest table as a magical symbol of sun, abundance and familial warmth.

Make sunflowers into a flower crown.

The Aztecs priestesses of sun temples made flower crowns from sunflower blooms and wore them during sacred rites.  Makes a lovely crown for the high priestess of a Lammas ritual.

Anoint your heart center.

Use sunflower oil to anoint your heart chakra to fill your heart with light and gladness.  A perfect pick-me-up on a rainy day or to help you stay present during joyful occasions through personal distractions.


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