10 Ways to Use Apples in Witchcraft

10 Ways to Use Apples in Witchcraft, Spells and Magick.

Learn to use apples in witchcraft, magick and experience apple season as an enchanted realm of earthly delights.

The apple might be best described as the “red-headed mistress of literary symbolism.”  From scandalous biblical scripture to the envy-green jealousy of a fairy tale queen and her poisoned fruit, this beautiful garden gem bears quite a reputation as a mischief-maker!

For the modern witch, the apple tree calls to mind all the ethereal intrigue of daring to explore what lies beyond the ordinary five senses.  Walk through an apple orchard and feel the living, moving, earth-shattering energy that swirls invisibly around us.

Curiosity piqued?  Head to a pick-your-own farm and try one of these spell ideas while apple picking season lasts!

Use apples in tarot spells. 

Surround the Empress card from the tarot with apple slices (dried or fresh) and leave them on the altar for help with fertility.

tarot spells

Pour a libation apple juice to encourage wisdom

In Western lore, apples strongly symbolize knowledge and self-awareness.  Pour a libation of apple juice during your next ritual to ask for the gift of insight or to seek help with life decisions.

Include apples in spells to avert temptation. 

Apples may be used in weight loss spells or spells for seekers fighting addictive patterns.  Bury an apple with tobacco (or another symbol of vice) and light a candle every night for a full moon cycle to support earnest efforts at breaking negative habits.


Toss in cauldron brews for love.   

Add apples peels to a large pot or cauldron of water with cinnamon, allspice and/or ginger root to infuse your home with romance.  Great for date night!

Cut an apple in half to find the pentacle. 

If you cut an apple in half (the “fat way,” not the “tall way,” if that makes sense), you will find a pentacle star in the middle.  Press spell ingredients into the flesh or or use it to symbolize earth on an all-natural altar.

pentacle in apple

Make a wand from the wood. 

Apple branches make gorgeous wands.  Leave yours natural, or decorate it with gemstones, shells, sea glass, feathers, ect.

Fill a basket of apples and put it on your Samhain or Mabon altar.  

As the “veil between worlds” thins between Mabon & Samhain, our connection to our ancestors grows closer.  Apples symbolize the food of the dead, so leave them on the altar to honor your ancestors and welcome them to “feast with you” during the harvest season.

Burn apple blossom incense to enhance your connection to other realms. 

All parts of the apple are appropriate for inclusion in rituals for heightened awareness, but the dried blossoms make especially convenient loose incense.

Include the seeds in protection spells. 

The bitter seeds of an apple make excellent additions to mojo bags, spells or amulets for protection.

Plant an apple tree your yard to bless your home for prosperity. 

Apples symbolize abundance and growth, making them the perfect “centerpiece” tree for garden magic. 

If you live in a climate where apple trees do well and you lucked into a home with land, consider planting one.

The commitment of an apple tree to your homestead will bless you for years to come.

Discover the power and beauty of cultivating a personal magical practice.

The mythical lore of apples has captivated the imaginations of people and storytellers around the world. Learn to use this enchanted fruit in spells and magic and make the most of the coming apple season!

Using in apples in witchcraft.

10 ways to use apples in witchcraft




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