Love Spell Loose Incense Recipe

Make a batch of this love-drawing loose incense. Easy, quick and a great spell casting item to have on hand in your magical cabinet.

This love spell loose incense combines traditional love spell ingredients like rose, cinnamon, lavender, and vanilla.  Toss it in your bonfire, your cauldron, or on a charcoal dish to draw romance and attraction into your life.

What is loose incense?

Loose incense blends are a practical way to clear your magical cabinet of unused herbs, spices, and oils and combine them with the intention to create something new.

The key is to figure out what spell ingredients you have on hand that “match up” with each other in terms of the intent of the spell blend.

For example, in this recipe, I had some dried roses leftover from summer gardening, some cinnamon sticks from the kitchen spice rack, a bouquet of lavender, and the last few drops in a bottle of vanilla essential oil.

But for this recipe, you could substitute dried orange peels, break open a chamomile tea packet or scrounge around the kitchen cupboard for a little allspice.

Meaning of the Ingredients

This recipe for love spell loose incense was thrown together from ingredients on hand.  It’s easy to do this if you have a working knowledge of what both corresponds magically to the spell intention and also (trust me on this one) actually smells good together when burned.  

That’s a tricky balance to strike, which is why we did it for you!


There’s no doubt about it.  Red roses are arguably the most famous of all love spell ingredients in modern witchcraft.

With their light, floral aroma and delicate feminine appearance, roses evoke the mystical power of romance and attraction in this spell recipe.


This earthy, spikey-looking herb is a potent love-drawing item.  You can use either the essential oil or the whole plant (so long as it’s dried!) to pack your love spell loose incense with a powerful punch.


The French prize lavender for its delicate fragrance so much that they use it as a base for many of their most famous perfumes.

But magical practitioners use lavender for its many metaphysical properties.  Among them is the power to create a sense of dreamy romance or renew attraction in a relationship between long-term romantic partners.


Whereas lavender is known for its dreamy romantic qualities, and rosemary is more of a power-booster, cinnamon is best loved for adding spice to attraction magic.

Vanilla Essential Oil

Warm and earthy, vanilla essential oil promotes soft feelings of compassion and empathy.

(Optional) Mugwort

Mugwort is one of those esoteric herbs that you either have or don’t have.  

If you don’t have it, don’t stress, just skip it.

But if you do have it, you’re probably always looking for an excuse to incorporate this super-witchy, super-mystical herb.  This love spell loose incense blend is a good one.

How to Make It

Combine all the above ingredients in a clean, glass jar.  Leave in the window in the full moon light overnight to charge it.

Optionally, you can toss in a piece of rose quartz to boost the potion’s potency (but remove it before burning the blend!)

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Try this loose incense recipe for love with rose, vanilla, and lavender.

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