9 Ways to Use Vanilla in Spells & Magic

Warms, precious and sweet-smelling, vanilla makes a great addition to magic spells. Whether you have it in who form, essential oil or as an extract, here are some great ways to use vanilla in spells and magic.

Looking for ways to use vanilla in spells and magic?  Whether you have some precious vanilla essential oil, a whole bean or just a store-bought bottle of extract, this one-of-a-kind spell ingredient vibes with witchy energy.  

Check out these clever ways to incorporate it into your magical practice.

Love Spells

Vanilla is a classic love spell ingredient, especially when combined with rose oil or cinnamon.  Use the whole bean in a sachet for love or combine it with a few drops of rose oil and dilute it in a neutral-smelling natural oil for a simple love potion.

As a Hearth Warmer

The warm, beautiful smell of vanilla knocks the chill off of a recently vacant house.

If you just moved into a new space or are trying to bring a place to life after a period of stagnancy, all a few drops of vanilla essential oil to an oil burner or diffuser during the waxing moon for several nights in a row.

To Warm Cold Hearts

Generally, it’s best to steer clear of cold relationships.

But, if you absolutely must deal with someone who is not especially warm, vanilla acts as a kind of heart warmer to ease tension in relationships.  

Anoint your heart center with vanilla oil when you have to deal with a relationship that is cold to make warmth and compassion spread from you like a contagion.  

The Kitchen Witch’s Best Baking Friend

Vanilla is a common inclusion in baking recipes for a reason—it tastes amazing!!

But for the kitchen witch, there is the added layer of magical meaning.

Use vanilla in love spell recipes for romance on date night.

Try it in these love spell cookies or this recipe for love spell cake for a delicious way to make something magical out of dessert for two.

In Ritual Baths

Are you one of those witches who likes to throw your entire magical cabinet into a ritual bath?

Add a few drops of vanilla essential oil (or even a splash of vanilla extract) to this Aphrodite Attaction Bath for a sweet-smelling botanical blast of sacred beauty vibes.

During Imbolc

Vanilla is common pantry item, making it a staple magical item in the winter.

Incorporate vanilla incense or oil into your winter moon or Imbolc ritual to “warm up” your soul from the inside out.

Try this Imbolc White Magic Creme Brulee for a magical treat during the coldest time of the year.

Long Term Goals

The bean of this plant (where most of its potency is stored) takes a whopping 9 months to ripen.

This “slow-burning” energy makes it a great addition to spells that require fortitude and persistance.  

Use the whole bean as an amulet to keep yourself on track when endurance is crucial.

Cultivating Value

The vanilla bean is one of the highest-value botanicals available on the international market (second only to saffron).  

Use vanilla in spells to cultivate a higher-value life.  A life where your time is better spent doing the things you love.  Or in which you are using your talents to your best advantage.  Or where you are surrounded by people who see your intrinsic worth.

However you define value, vanilla empowers spells for attracting precious things into your life.

Sweeten bitterness.

Use this botanical in spells to dispel bitterness.

This spell component wards off petty attitudes and steers personal interactions in the direction of warmth and positive cooperation.

Interested in starting down the path of the green witch?  Check out Moody Moon’s full-length course, Magical Herbalism for Beginners.

Vanilla is used in spells and magic to promote warmth, love and to help aid in long-term goals.  Here are 9 ways to use it in your magical practice that you can try today.

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