7 Magical Ways to Immerse Yourself In Nature

Nature, and time spent in nature, is the foundation of a solid magical practice.  

Getting outside is perhaps the most under-used, underrated way to deal with just about anything life throws at you.  Overworked?  Go outside.  Recovering from childbirth?  Go outside.  Grieving for a loved one?  Go outside.

But as magical practitioners (and frankly, just modern people) knowing this and actually incorporating it into your magical practice when you’re surrounded by screens and climate control are two different things.

So today, we present you with a few creative ideas to inspire your time outside.

Forage for magical herbs.

From mugwort to wild violets and even Queen Anne’s lace, nearly every wild-growing plant has a magical use.

Skip the herb shop this week and get outside to find your own abundant, free magical herbs right in your backyard.

Try earthing.  

Earthing The Green Witch's Guide to Getting Grounded

It’s now well-established that directly connecting with the Earth (as in skin to ground) is beneficial mentally and spiritually.  It’s the perfect time of year to try something called earthing—-the practice of going outside barefoot for 15 minutes at least once a day.

Just try it.  For one week.  Every day.  Even if it’s raining.  (Especially if it’s raining).  Trust us, you’ll notice a difference.  

Gather wildflowers for magical bouquets.

Get outside with a pair of gardening shears and gather up some wildflowers to make magical bouquets.  

Give them away at your next group ritual for a lovely touch of elegance.

Take your magical reading outside.

Got a new witchy read?  Don’t just sit on the couch with it.  Take it outside!  Reading outdoors immersed in nature is just about the most relaxing way to spend an afternoon.

Apartment dweller?  

The Drunken Green Witch: A Guide to Making Drinkable Potions from Your Garden Herbs, Flowers and Fruit.

If you live in the city and want a low-key way to do something fun and magical outside (without making a spectacle of yourself), try whipping up a cocktail potion and having it outside on your balcony.  So.  Nice.

Try cloud scrying.

You don’t need a fancy deck of tarot cards or an antique scrying mirror to work a little divination.  

Nature has everything you need.  Get in touch with your inner summer child by laying out a blanket on the grass and trying your hand at cloud scrying.  

Experiment with moon gazing.

Moon gazing is the practice of staring at the moon for an extended period of time in order to strengthen your connection to its phases and seek insight in the cosmos.

On a nice night, sit outside quietly under the moon (any phase is fine, but a clear night is best).  Take some time to think about how your life reflects the current moon phase and how you might best harness its energy to further your goals.

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