5 Signs Your Mundane & Magical Life Are Misaligned

Does your life feel misaligned with your higher spiritual intentions? Learn to apply your magical practice to your everyday experience for a more holistic, balanced lifestyle.

Does your mundane life lack the spark and wonder of your magical life?  Do you feel stuck or stagnant and can’t seem to incorporate your spiritual practice into your everyday experience?

Here are 5 signs your mundane and magical life are misaligned—and how to bring them into balance for a more holistic lifestyle.

You hate your job.

We often start down career paths the way we might find ourselves pushed down a river and off into sidestream.  There’s a current, and it’s easy to flow with it.  

Maybe you took the first job available out of high school or college.  Or maybe you needed work when you moved to a new town and took something “temporary” to pay the bills.  Maybe one thing led to another and you just . . . stayed.  

And now, you’ve been doing it forever.  You’re good at it, or good enough, and it pays what you need, and you just can’t bring yourself to start over somewhere else.

What to do about it:  No matter what you’ve told yourself, 100% of people in this situation have options.  You may have a long list of reasons why you think this isn’t true—from the challenges of changing income levels to feeling guilty about not using your college degree in some very clear-cut way to not wanting to start over at a certain age. 

And I’m not saying those aren’t valid concerns, but when it comes to finding a job that doesn’t make you hate waking up in the morning, none of them are worth it.

Try this destiny tarot spread and take a hard look at what you really want to spend your time doing. 

After that, just focus on taking the first step—-it’s usually the hardest one.  

You feel disconnected from your community.

Spiritually balanced people—even introverted ones—are connected to their community.  

You may define your community in different ways.  Perhaps it’s a book club, or a circle of close friends you’ve known since high school, or a big family with lots of barbecues on the weekends.

But if you don’t have at least a few people who “get you” on a personal level, it’s time to start building those relationships.

What to do about it: 

First, figure out who you connect with.  If you have a group of friends or family you’re close to already, make time to make time.  Right now.  Text, call, write an email, anything is better than nothing.  Go from there.

If you’re starting over for whatever reason (major lifestyle change, move to a new city, or re-prioritizing your life) go where your people are.  Trust me, they congregate somewhere.  Volunteer at the city aquarium, sign up for an art class at your community center or (if you’re feeling bold) start your own moon circle.

You haven’t grown or pursued any new skills in a long time.

If you;ve been celebrating Ostara the same way for ten years, haven’t read a non-fiction book in a while, or couldn’t say when you last tried something new to expand your skills in the Craft, you’re not growing.

And if you’re not growing, you’re dying.

Picking up new skills and trying new activities is what keeps life fresh, interesting and fun.

What to do about itCheck out this article on how to discover your magical talent.  Find something that you are uniquely good at and take a deep dive into learning it well.

You might even turn your new hobby into a magical side hustle.

You’re neglecting your body.

The mind/body connection is a thing.  Western society teaches us to live in denial of this very obvious reality, but it doesn’t make it any less true.

Don’t believe me?  Next time you feel a powerful emotion—-joy, anger, sadness, grief—-stop for a moment and ask yourself, where do I feel this?  Literally, where in my body do I feel it?  Does it feel like butterflies in the stomach, tension in my shoulders or a red flushing in my face?

What to do about it:  Once you notice the ways in which your feelings impact your physical body, you’ll be able to approach painful experiences more holistically.

Try using spell craft to lift your spirits or choose a mind/body workout like yoga, tai chi, or Pilates to rewire your body to your brain.

You don’t regularly commune with your spirituality.

When we think of spiritual life, we often get preoccupied with the notion that epiphany is the only valid way to commune with the divine.

But major spiritual revelations are rare.  This is what makes them unique and special.

Most of your soul’s well-being and stability evolves from regular, routine practice.  

In particular, if you practice an independent spiritual lifestyle like the Craft, it’s especially important to establish and stick to some form of regular practice.  

What to do about it:  Start small.  Consider starting a morning ritual or seek out a religious community that welcomes independent thinkers. 

Once you decide how to incorporate regular, intentional communion with your highest self, do it!  Do it regularly and give it at least three months before you evaluate whether or not it’s working for you.

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Do you feel disconnected from your spirituality?  Bogged down by a job you don't like?  Are you neglecting your mind/body connection?  Here's 5 signs you need to get in touch with your magical self and what to do about them.

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