Morning Ritual: Ideas for the Early Rising Witch

Morning ritual ideas for witches that take less than 10 minutes.

Morning rituals come with some pretty surprising benefits.   From boosted mental stimulation to better work performance, taking a few moments in the morning to clear your mind makes a difference.

I know what you’re thinking:  I like to sleep.

Me, too.  I willing sacrifice even the most basic self-care for a few extra minutes of unconsciousness.

But even if you only devote 10 additional minutes to your morning ritual, there’s lots of little ways to get your day started right.


7 Ideas for your morning ritual that take less than 10 minutes.

Do an altar devotion.

Sit in front of your altar for a few minutes in the morning to clear your mind and remind yourself of your spiritual path.

Choose a daily devotion that’s simple and easy to maintain.  Light a candle and focus on the light for a few minutes, or dot your wrists with a energizing essential oil like peppermint or orange.

Then, give yourself a moment to set an intention for the day.

Try a sunrise meditation.

Get out of bed, find a cozy spot on the floor, sit cross-legged and close your eyes.

Visualize the sun coming up over the horizon.  Imagine feeling the warmth of the sun on your skin.  Picture light of the sun filling you up until you glow.

As you breath in, visualize the light inside you getting brighter, as though you are breath into a fire.

Hold this image for 5-10 minutes.

Notice how awake and alert you feel.  Maybe you don’t need that cup of coffee after all!

Make your morning shower magical.

Although ritual baths get lots of attention in the practice of modern witchcraft, using your shower time in the same way can be very effective.

Consider hanging herbs on your shower head for a refreshing dose of good vibes.

Or, try chanting.  The relatively decent acoustics in the shower create a reverberation that helps induce a trance like state.

Draw a tarot or oracle card.

Start your day by drawing a single tarot or oracle card.

But try not to use this card to predict the outcome of your day.

Instead, simply use this as a focal point and think throughout your day about how the message of the card applies to your current situation.

Play eye-opening music.

My vinyl-loving husband always tells me, “Music is a chemical reaction in the brain.”

What gets you going is taste-specific, so I won’t give you any particular recommendations.

But playing uplifting music in the morning helps to cue your brain up for a productive day and a positive outlook.

As a self-proclaimed audiophile, I personally am not a fan of the sound quality on a smart phone, but there are apps to time a playlist to start at a certain hour of the day.  Try programming some “wake-up” music.

Try morning yoga.

Anyone who practices morning yoga will tell you that even a simple, short routine builds mental clarity and strength and helps to reduce stress.

Got a high-pressure presentation?  Headed into a difficult discussion with your boss?  Get on solid ground with a few postures and enter your professional arena with confidence.

Here is a free, 10-minute morning yoga video to give you some ideas.

Take your coffee outside.

Stop and think for a moment about how much time you actually spend indoors.  Unless you work outdoors, it’s probably a lot more than you realize.

Set up a seating area outside your home and opt to take your coffee or breakfast outside.  Even a few moments in the sunlight helps to lift the mood, promote a positive outlook and center your soul.

Morning Ritual Ideas for the Witch


  1. I’ll love this. I wake up early while my family sleeps in. I am always stirring through the house aimlessly not wanting to be too loud, but also not wanting to just sit and read. My pagan journey has just started recently so this was exactly what I needed to get started in the right direction each an every day. Thanks , and many blessings.

  2. These are great ideas! I like a gentle morning wake-up so for the past several years, I light the candles on my altar in the bedroom and play soft Nature-type music. (Dan Gibson playlists are perfect) while I’m getting ready for work. I also tuck a few crystals inside the jar of coconut oil I use for a moisturizer and set intentions as I slather it on.
    Blessings to you!

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